Monday, May 30, 2016

Ten things of Thankful – Days Off & Summer (Finally)

I woke up this morning very early, my usual five in the morning.

It went like this “oh what’s today? Its Sunday thank goodness no work today yay …oh and tomorrow is Monday…wait yes I have tomorrow off too – yay its Memorial Day! Thank you, thank you!”

Thankful one – days off

Happy Memorial Day everyone, tomorrow we honor those who served and died for our freedom.

So did you hear what happened?

Summer showed up; that means that we needed to put away our parkas quickly and find our shorts.

On Friday night we decided to start the Winter- Summer clothes switch and told each other that we do what we can, and finish during the weekend – well gladly I can tell you it did not go down like that -  once we started we just needed to get it done; as of midnight on Friday we were done.

Thankful two, goes to warmer days; summer days.

Thankful three, our summer clothes out and put away; the fiasco switch is behind us. 

Thankful four, I cannot say this enough - I have great kids.

They are always helping with chores - James working side by side with Nick doing yard work and Amelia helping me with dusting, or food shopping - because of their help the clothes switch was done in one night.  Moreover, they get it too, all their clothes that didn’t fit and we didn’t want; we all made piles and ended up with five bags of clothes to give away to charity.   

Thankful five, besides all of that; they are funny, kind, loving and smart.

Thankful six, our yard and the pool is not ready yet for our summer months; but it will be once we pick-up our new gazebo. One more lay away payment and it’s ours. We decided to pay it with a lay away plan because we live on Long Island and need to pay our electric bill and cable bill instead… well I’m kind of not kidding; and so it goes.

Thankful seven - mom is feeling better – the second antibiotic that was given to her did not upset her or make her sick.

She celebrated her birthday on Wednesday, and I promised her a small birthday party with her daughters and grandchildren once she feels 100% better.

Speaking of birthdays, we had another birthday celebration last week

Look who is 15

Thankful eight - he is a great kid - thoughtful, liked by many, happy, funny and kind.

Dinner at Chili’s – his choice

Our traditional Hostess cupcakes

Thankful nine - good times with old friends and sisters; it was a very fun day at my sister’s on Saturday - lots of food, many laughs and great weather.

Thankful ten - a wonderful Sunday afternoon spent entertaining a bunch of boys, one girl, a birthday boy, and a little sister.  Fun times with outside activities of Nerf guns, trampoline, shooting hoops, snacking on chips with onion dip, cheese doodles, pretzels – continuing with pizzas and finishing it off with an ice cream cake; big smiles from everyone.

That’s it for now – or the ones I can remember. 

What are you thankful for this week and always? 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

It’s Sunday And A Promise Kept

Last week was a bit rough… it was rough.

Mom has pneumonia and it is worrisome – although she was medicated, the darn antibiotics the doctor prescribed were too strong and resulted in her getting sick from them for three days in a row.  By Friday, she decided enough was enough and did not take her daily dosage. 

I spoke to her during the late morning and convinced her to call the stupid doctor to tell him about the antibiotics and ask for a different medicine.  When she called at 1:00 in the afternoon, one of the staff members told her that someone would call back, that they have an emergency in the office. 

No one called and when she finally called back after three o’clock; she was told that the doctor left for the weekend and they were not able to get in touch with him. She told this person on the other end of the phone, well Thank you, very much; I had waited all afternoon for the return call; and finally explained her situation, they apologized and told her that there is nothing they can do, and she will need to wait for Monday…..really.

While driving home I told her that she should call the pharmacist; explain what is happening, and is there something the pharmacy can do.   The Pharmacist confirmed that she made the right decision to stop the antibiotic, and that he will try to get in touch with the doctor’s office to get a different prescription. 

Somehow, in the midst of the weekend, and another sister able to get involved, someone in the office was able to prescribe a Z Pack – I am hoping this will help my mom, and praying for speedy recovery.

Another thing that occurred was a scary reminder that I’m not getting any younger, and I might need to deal with some grown- up testing.   I hate being my age….

Therefore, I don’t want to list my thankfuls this week… I’m nervous, upset, and scared.

Scared of nothing and everything – scared of things I cannot control and more importantly scared of a monster under the bed that is not there.

Yet this has happened to me before – let downs, disappointments, deer in a headlight moments, and I turn my back to this outlet because I think, “life is not perfect and how do I continue…”

Well I promised myself that when the messes are felt, and I am sensitive and feeling raw that I will proceed with kindness, and compassion.

Consequently, here goes…

I am thankful that I can call my mom a few times a day to see how she is doing.

I am thankful that I do not live far from my parents, within 25 minutes I can be at their house.

I just spoke to my mom and she sounded much better and felt she had a good night sleep. 

Next on the list are these two items – they arrived yesterday:

My new eye - glasses

I buy my glasses online – saves at least 50 percent -  these are computer glasses, my Ophthalmologist  made out the prescription  for use on  the computer  and looking at smaller print, like Excel spreadsheets -  beauties cost me  $100.00  - not bad, an eye glass place in my neighborhood would have cost me over  $400.00  for these- no lie.

$100.00 – for two nice eyeglasses – the company is called Firmoo and the link is on the sidebar if you need glasses.

A fun day at my cousin’s daughter’s First Holy Communion Celebration.

It was great to see some of my cousins.  It was wonderful making plans and looking forward to some future get together events.

Yes, I wore the shoes

I didn’t fall!

Posing with my girl at the party yesterday, we loved getting dressed up. I let her wear a little bit of make-up. We did the hokey pokey and chicken dance - embarrassing her? Nah, well maybe! 

A quiet morning - allowing 15 minutes to pray the Rosary - something I needed.

 I use this website  it’s so peaceful and wonderful.  It leads me to  here and I get to pray the rosary with many. 

Last one, he makes me happy….

Check out how he eats….

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Gratitude, Thankfuls and Learning

Once again, it is time to reflect on the past week and mention to you, my gratitude.  What I am thankful for this week?

Before I  begin  with my list of ten – it has come to my acknowledgement that my blog, or the reader,  or my comments, or my feedburner might be broken.

Last week I noticed two strange things in my blogger reader and that was SquaareKat first did not have thumbnails (pictures) listed on the reader and what was listed referred to me as:

“No reply blogger Marisa B @ SquaareKat”

What does that mean - I have no idea, so with great trepidation I set out to learn how to fix it….
The “no reply blogger “thing was an easy fix – it was advised to convert back to blogger original, go to accounts, and click on to the “show email tab” under settings.

Supposedly, what it means is that I cannot reply; or maybe you can’t reply to my comments whether it is on my blog or your blog - that is what I learned, however I don’t think I ever had a problem commenting on any blogs and for the most part I did have responses.  So believe me I am confused.

While I was figuring all of this out – I realized that my last post; last week’s Thankful list did not  show up on Bloglovin …hmm somehow, not sure how, I was able to feed it into Bloglovin.  

Throughout this process I learned that I have a feedburner listing all my active blogs  - yet let me assure  you I  don’t know what it does, how to work it, or fix it.  However, sometime soon I will reactivate the subscription feature on SquaareKat, for now I’m going to leave that feature out.

The last thing I noticed was all the SquaareKat posts in the RSS Reader;  all of my posts listed from current posts to posts from 11 months ago did not have pictures and referred to me as “no reply blogger”.  When I clicked on it, I was directed to the blog with no problems.

Yet I did notice that posts listed on the reader 12 months ago and back, even though the thumbnail is shown and I am listed as “Marisa B @ SquaareKat when I clicked on that it takes me to a feedburner broken page. 

Nevertheless, I was able to link to those posts from SquaareKat without any problems it’s not working or linking from the reader list.  Not sure, what is going on, I posted a test post, on Friday night the post did not show up in the reader until the next morning – yet it did show up in Bloglovin right away. 

This morning the thumbnails are back… I am not a “no reply blogger” anymore and the rest I can live with for now.   However I am wondering if my posts are being seen and read;  I posted a  few  in the last two or three weeks which I thought were interesting, funnyinformative and thought provoking  or so I thought without  much  responses or comments.

I’m wondering if my blog is broken and I am only seen when I link up with the Thankfuls each week. 
Anyway, I will figure this out …hopefully.

Here are my thankfuls:

It was Mother’s day last week - 
My kids made me a delicious brunch of pancakes, orange juice, and coffee.


A gift to a spa for a facial and massage - can you hear me sing Ahhhh!

This gorgeous pump 
I bought it at DSW – it’s for a Communion on Saturday, found it in the clearance section and I can wear it anytime; work, going out. I have not had a pump in a long time.

James home safe and sound -   his school had a class trip to Philadelphia (8th grade trip) no parents.

He had a great time but I was worried. 
Dad dropped off Kaiser Rolls, Italian loaves of bread, and hero rolls too.  So much bread that we gave some to our neighbor around the corner. 
Tonight I am making sloppy joes – inspired because of the Kaiser Rolls ; everything else in the freezer, if  I need any bread during the week - all  I need to do is wrap what I need in foil, pop it in the oven  for less than 5  minutes  and we have warm bread with our meal.

Bread available this week.

My eyes are healing nicely.

Evening Primrose Oil

I am feeling so much better because of this wonderful vitamin.

That is it for now - what are you thankful for…

 Because it’s Spring

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Ten Things of Thankful - The Mother-lode Edition

Once again, I come to you and express my Ten Things of Thankfuls.

Number one thankful, it is our sixth year as a family.

Last Sunday on May 1st not only did we celebrate our family day – I also got the entire family together for a typical Italian Sunday meal, and to celebrate my parents 6oth Wedding Anniversary.

“Il Pranzo” translates to lunch – growing up our Sunday dinners always began in the early afternoon, on the menu was my mom’s Sauce that she always called ragu, which means meat sauce, and not the jarred sauce.

So I did the same - Early in the morning, I started the sauce; I added meatballs, hot (spicy) Italian sausage and braccioles.

A bracciole is a thin steak stuffed with whatever you like - I simply did mine with garlic, cheese, and parsley, rolled it tightly, tied it up with string - a cute little meaty bundle.

At 2:30 we all gathered together – ate the meal I prepared of a ragu with Rigatoni, there was ricotta cheese on the side available if one wanted to add a dollop of it to the pasta, a salad, braccioles, meatballs, and sausages. 
I also made escarole but somehow it was forgotten and left in the oven where I placed it to keep it warm.

My parents were not there for dinner, but came for dessert; we surprised them with a cake for their many years together.  Sixty years, wow!

I’d like to add at this time, how nice it was to have an impromptu get together.  It seems that it’s not done that often anymore.   Today our lives have generated so many wonderful things that help us daily.  

Although social media is fun and texting is quick and easy, lately, I am comparing it to pumped air- air that is generated to make us think we are breathing clean air. 

We think we are socializing but we are not… yes, maybe some of us don’t have a choice and that perspective is a solid connection. However, a physical meet needs to be considered more these days. Because on Monday morning when I l left my safe haven to go out into the world, I was armored with happy thoughts of the day before, and more importantly I kept in mind who I am, and where I came from;  which is a lineage of very strong minded and smart people.

Number two goes to sixty years of marriage, there is so much more not being said there.

Number three; physical connections – these connections are not only for the family but friends too.  Let’s keep in mind, not only are we joined by a special bond, but we also cheer for another always.

Today is Mothers’ day – Happy Mother’s Day especially my mom, and to all Moms, women, and girls; an all-important connection that needs to be celebrated always.

I was not feeling well last week, a painful problem that goes with the many changes that are happening now. 

Number four is keeping it together and figuring out ways to help me.

Five and Six are Yoga and vitamins; which seems to be helping.   

I have a daughter that does yoga with me…. (I always knew I would) – that is number seven.

Teddy is showing us how a downward facing dog is done, correctly.

 It was Cinco de Mayo on Thursday

Empanadas from a place in Queens called; Mama’s 

Nick brought them home.

I did not have to cook.

Last week is behind us, yesterday I had surgery, removing cholesterol white spots that formed on my eyelids – this is the second surgery. I am hoping with the many lifestyle changes  that I’ve made recently , and I am now on Lipitor, that they  won’t come back. 
Keeping my fingers crossed.

What are you thankful for today? It can be as serious as I am here for another day, halleluiah; or I’m not washing dishes today; the word thank you itself is a prayer let’s say it more.

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