Saturday, April 30, 2016

Doing this now - it's Saturday, let’s get it done

I am not a fan of Friday’s … Saturday yes, but Friday not so much, I think it’s because it is a day with too many expectations.

All week long, we build it up “is it Friday yet?”  Everyone asks, then the day arrives; it’s just another day. 

Another day that still has possibilities, along with schedules, timelines, and goals that need to get done.

Until the day is over; when it’s  five o’clock, and my family and I are all home, this is when I can get excited about Friday and the weekend.

Ahhhh… first thankful five o’clock on Friday evening
Friends getting together last night; a “girl’s night out!”

The week is behind me – a grueling month-end; nonetheless, I got it done – so number three goes to, the week has ended.

I’ll leave this week with any anxiety, doubt, and worry that I felt, behind me– because truthfully whatever is happening during the day – I cannot control it.

Hugs – I still get hugs from my teen girl….the teen boy not at all.

Stevia,   I am thankful that I have stopped adding sugar to my coffee; I am substituting it with Stevia, and I am feeling good. 

I started using Stevia on Monday - guess what started subsiding… “hot flashes” that is number six – it’s the sugar  if only I can get rid of sweets altogether … I write as I reach over to my secret stash and pop a dark chocolate Hershey kiss in my mouth.

Dark Chocolate – it’s medicinal – well I was told.

I wrote and published three posts this week….  So proud I am making a conscience decision about blogging - I need it.

Last one – new prescription for eyeglasses….and something else eye related - I’ll save that for next week when hopefully it happens.

Ahhhh and done!

When Amelia was little – after she did something she would always say ….”And done!”

That is what I am for now –

What are your thankfuls this week?

Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Girl In The Back of the Class

Did you ever watch Moonstruck? I probably watched it a dozen times… maybe more.

There was this scene where Olympia Dukakis is at the kitchen table during breakfast, she looks at her husband, played by Vincent Gardenia, and asks him.

“Have I been a good wife?”

He answers yes, she tells him I want you to stop seeing her; he makes this great gesture and then says ok, then she adds; “and go to confession.” He smirks and says something about a bad day and that his life is nothing…she strongly tells him that his life is not nothing, and adds “te amo” (I love you, in Italian) he looks at his wife and says “Anche Io te amo” (also, I love you).

That whole scene plays out beautifully. Yet that is not the part of the scene that I love and want you all to focus on.  In fact, during the entire scene I’m kind of laughing until I get to the part I love, then the tears start…yes, full blown out tears.  The part that I want to tell you about and focus on is after her husband says to her that he loves her; Olympia Dukakis smiles and  sighs. It is a sigh that is felt everywhere, in her heart, her mind, her soul, even the room, and felt by her daughter.

I love these types of moments in movies, a simple gesture that has so much meaning. Hey, before speaking her mind something was weighing very heavy on her heart…

Gently she said what she needed to say and gently she was assured that she was still cherished and loved.  You know why I love these types of scenes because it’s smack in your face, the truth about the human spirit….and when it is done perfectly on a big screen, I cannot help to be reminded of that; the human spirit.

We feel, we want, we need.

Why do I mention and describe a scene from a movie, and compare it as a real emotion, because art imitates life….

I am sensitive when I witness a suffering or a need of some kind, yet I truly appreciate witnessing a person’s despair validated with respect and dignity.  Like when someone becomes an American Idol or Meryl Streep sang about an unrequited love or a heartbreak that never healed, but then it was followed with a happy ending of finally marrying the love of her life.  I too know too well what it feels like wanting and needing and enduring so many let downs and heartbreaks.  Therefore, when I see a moment of bravery and vulnerability, and a sigh of relief it fills me with hope.

When I was a teenager in high school I was in this class called Lifestyles; it was either an elective or an English class I really don’t remember. It had its moments of being strange, like when we had a class trip to the city to tour Lincoln Center, which was then followed by a tour of a Hare Krishna camp. This class taught us tolerance and opened us to learn about various lifestyles and situations.

I loved Lincoln Center, but I really don’t remember much about the rest of the class trip or the class itself, except for a brief moment of bravery and vulnerability; I should point out, that at the time my young mind did not process it as a brave act …too bad I wish I had. My class was discussing the differences in people; one another and us, meaning us teens; we also added to this conversation ways we can all treat one another; things like kindness, and good manners….

It was all very cool; wow, I thought, we are actually having a conversation and we all felt the love… no not the love but the friendship yes the friendship; then a voice in the back spoke up…

The voice came from a girl who sat in the back of the class; she was handicapped; in a wheelchair and definitely different from the rest of us. 

That day she was brave.

“This is great how we are all friends here in this classroom, how we can point out our differences and still like each other, how we can all say that kindness wins…, but the truth is when the bell rings and we all leave the classroom, none of you will ever say hello to me in the hallway.  I am very different than all of you, at times I am in your way, or I am invisible - you don’t see me but you see this wheelchair and how different I am  – you don’t see that I have feelings too.” said the girl in the back of the class.

We were all stunned listening to our classmate – and realized how true what she was saying was. At some point, she was crying.  I didn’t know what I felt about what she said, I don’t remember, it was a long time ago and back then I was so naïve and immature perhaps at first all I felt was pity for her, however, I assure you I did not recognize her dialogue as courage.  Or maybe I did like I said I don’t remember, what I do remember was how one of the popular boys in our grade got up went over to her and hugged her. I think this is where I realized something was up…– she then hugged him back and I think she was crying on his shoulders and maybe he was saying something to her…

That is the epitome of vulnerability and bravery, what teenager would do that … this was something that weighed heavy on her heart, the popular boy needed to tell us something too, and that was, he was more than his popularity or good looks.

I often wonder what happened to those two, what was their lot in life, and if that moment in their lifetime was a defining moment for them?  Perhaps it was an important lesson learned for everyone in that classroom, including me… I wish I truly understood the magnitude of such a small and awkward gesture.  I hope they did too.

We all have these moments in our lives; moments when being brave and vulnerable outweigh our fears and judgments.   I only hope for all of us when the day comes, we can recognize our power, and it is met with a cherished validation.

More importantly, if we ever are lucky to witness anything like I did in my Lifestyles class – (it was a psychology class- I knew I would remember it eventually).  So like I was saying if we are ever lucky to witness a moment of bravery; we recognize it with respect and dignity, we give that moment some space to let it become what it needs to be; the human spirit exposed.

Then we can all let out a sigh of relief…

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Who am I…?

If you ask me what I came to do in this world,
I, an artist, will answer you: I am here to live out loud.”
― Émile Zola

I wish I knew why I am here. I believe or want to believe, that we are here to do something; we all have a job, or a purpose and this purpose can be anything. I am not saying that we all have a purpose to be an Oprah, Stevie Nicks or Neil Armstrong; however I feel that we all have a purpose to be who we are meant to be.

A teacher, a mom or dad, a lawyer, a nun or priest, homemaker…an elected official…I  think this knowledge  of our purpose is inside us and through our years and lessons, we move toward our destiny. 

Unfortunately, at this point in my life, I have no idea what is my job. I say unfortunately because I’m on the cusp of an advanced phase and what I do now truly does not feel authentic, and quite frankly I am not specifically targeting my day job,(because my day job helps us live our own lap of luxury…food on the table, bills paid and an occasional excursion).  

Yet every so often, I feel this pang that I need to do … do what?   I have no idea; do more for others, do what I was “meant to do or be”, find my contentment.  

I’ve always felt that I was a late bloomer; this, of course, is my own perception, yet there are quite a few things that I did not jump on the bandwagon when contemporaries, peers, or friends had.  

I ask you to bear with me because this may be quite deep, or I might just drown in shallow water with this very piece.  At this point, I am not sure where this post will lead to, and it can be just random thoughts.

…It’s all a process!

Ok! Moving on, did you know that when I was 17 days old, my mom found me not breathing? Can you imagine what her condition was, and what was actually going on in that Brooklyn apartment?  A priest arrived to read me my last rites…everyone screaming and crying, one of my uncles called it bullshit, grabbed my mother and me, and flew/drove to the nearest hospital.  

At the hospital, no one was there except for a very small nursing staff, who instructed my mom to walk down the block or a couple of houses down, the nurse explained to my mom that a doctor lived there and that he would help; (It was a Sunday morning in the 1960’s; very different than today).

When they approached the doctor’s home, the doctor examined me immediately,  and then told my mom that I was suffering from an allergic reaction, most likely the formula; my mouth was filled with white spots he checked for a pulse on the top of my head and  gave me a shot… I cried, actually I wailed.

I think everyone wailed that day; I don’t think anyone took their eyes off of me, and I could only imagine the variety of emotions that occurred.

Afterward, my parents brought me to a very renowned pediatric doctor in Brooklyn, I was placed on a special diet, which was milk from a farm; my mom explains that it was either homogenized or pasteurized- the explanation is still a bit confusing.  However, what was clear was that a trip to the country was taken every week to get my milk. Another suggestion that the doctor wanted my mom to give me was beef tea, yes beef tea. I have no idea what beef tea is, (well my mom told me how she made it...that’s about it, so I do know), thus, the milk from the farm and the beef tea gave me the nutrients to make me grow, and become a somewhat chunky baby.

A chunky baby with one curl, always smiling and happy – I was also the first of all my siblings and cousins so probably, perhaps a little bratty at times.
This was one of the stories that my mom told my sisters and me during lunch or dinner because it would keep us sitting long enough to eat our meal.

On a side note, in my Italian family when someone wanted to sound cute or express a feeling, they would tack on an ending to a word to denote being “bad”, being “bratty”, or “adorable”.  Therefore, at times, I was called: Mariseda, Marisela, or Marisucha; (I think that that is correct –not sure of the spelling), but when using “eda” or “ella” at the end of my name I was bratty or maybe just a tad precocious. Moreover, if all the planets were lined correctly when “ucha” was added to my name that meant I was an angel. 

That could be wrong and it may be the other way around one meaning cute the other meaning bratty.

So we got that, right…. are you still with me.
Back to my near death experience; when word spread to the neighbors or paisanos, which mean countryman or brother.  The news spread fast, but what also spread fast was that I became healthy and growing and just do what babies do, so anytime I was out with mom or my dad, my parents friends would come over to see me and say in a way that only Italian women can say; “Questa e` la mortadecha!”  Translation; "Is this the cute little dead one…."

(Now do you understand why we had a lesson on the colloquiums of an Italian dialect – more specific a dialect from the Calabria region of Italy?)

Of course, at this point it is obvious that I wasn’t dead on my 17th day …that I was actually breathing. Thank goodness, I was found and that my uncle had the sense to get me to a hospital.
Clearly I had no idea this even occurred and I was not aware that old Italian women in my family called me the cute little dead one….( I know it sounds creepy); but it’s ok.

What is my point to this little bit of history about me…not sure.  Nevertheless, ever since I learned of this story it has become my story –Yet it has haunted me or has made me think about my purpose; if you ask my mom it was a scene like no other, with tears and fear and just sheer grief. However, here is a very important bit of history about my mom; prior to having me, she lost two pregnancies; one early in the pregnancy, and the one before me a still born…. 

I was the first to let her become a mom…. (Psst- because of this I am convinced that I am her favorite, and tell my sisters often.)

Therefore, here is a very long post that happened many moons ago and what is my point… I have none. I wanted to write about this because I want to know what I feel about it, I wanted to throw it out there into the universe and feel what needs to be felt.

This is my story… and I always felt quite special because of it – did it mean anything other than that, perhaps it does, or maybe it should have…but it didn’t.

After writing about this, I realize it’s a part of me, it’s part of my history as is my name; which I love because it is mine and given to me because of my size …..

Another tidbit about me that I find funny is  how I came in second in two contests and thought maybe that is my fate – after my near death experience and I started growing my parents put me in a Baby Magic contest -  guess what… I came in second.

My modeling debut

When I was in first grade, we were allowed to go to school on Halloween in our costume. I begged my mom that I wanted to be Bat Girl; so she sewed me a Bat Girl Costume. At school, I was chosen as having one of the best costumes, along with a costume of a princess; the entire class had to vote which was the 1st place costume, all the boys in the class voted for my Bat Girl costume, and all the girls voted for the princess costume - there were more girls than boys, oh boy!

I don’t think I entered any contests after that.
So that is my story or an account in my lifetime of so many stories – it defines me because no one has a story like mine it is as unique as my own handprint or my name. Because although my name has gained some popularity in the recent years, how it was given to me is not the same reason my neighbor named her daughter Marissa; using two S’s.

So what is my purpose – I am not sure if we have a purpose; oh sure there are some who achieved greatness by being who they are – there are also a few that achieved notoriety, was that who they were supposed to become- would a benevolent God do that to a soul? Hmm…

I don’t think it’s as important to find my purpose, anymore.

I think what I need to do is feel is my own worth, with all the anecdotes that made me who I am … good, bad or ugly I am who I am  - and that is ok.

Perhaps once I embrace that, the contentment and my authentic self will follow…

Maybe that is our true purpose.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Cursive Handwriting – How I Earned My Bic Blue Pen

I remember being in third grade when learned how to write in cursive… each lesson taught us to write one or two letters at a time, both upper case and lower case. This primary task was first performed with a pencil.

We practiced, and learned what each step was to create the letter A, or became excited anticipating learning how to write the capital letter Q.  We were all taught to end each letter with a swing, by Sister Mary Alice, and we always compared our handwriting with one another, and maybe even competed for the nicest penmanship.

At some point during the school year, we reached our goal and our lessons ended with the letter Z.  All the while learning how to write we used a pencil, at this point in the third grade we were only allowed to use a pencil for every subject.

Once our penmanship lesson ended, we were tested on what was taught, the precision, and the clarity of the letters. We had to write a poem on a loose-leaf piece of paper, when and if we passed, we were given permission to use the coveted Bic blue pen; everything counted including the header of the page, this was typical for every test or a hand in assignment, the top of the page had to look like this:

I think the piece that our penmanship was tested on was the Pledge of Allegiance, or maybe a prayer, quite honestly I don’t remember – I just know there was a test and I passed it, after which I was given a Bic blue pen.  

Therefore, cursive handwriting is quite important to me ….for many years I honed those letters, with fancy curves and exaggerated swings – I am not ashamed or embarrassed, I love my handwriting, it is my own and proud that I earned that blue pen on the first testing.

These might be a sample of my handwriting but slightly changed a bit to depict the acceptable letterform in my elementary school.

Cursive writing is an expression of us; everyone has his own, no two are the same. Just as our fingerprints are different so is our handwriting….

Handwriting is slowly being phased out of the classroom - to make room for common core and subjects that can be measured, as long as a yardstick can be used everything else that cannot be measured, weighed or evaluated becomes obsolete.

Why are so many people willing to let go of things that were taught in the past – why do we allow things that are taught in the past be tossed and outcast quite easily?

This is not progression, lessons learned in the past do have value, perhaps it doesn’t fit in our society today because it’s better to take the easy way.  I cannot stress this enough  that it is significant- there is an importance for lessons from the past to be included.

Show of hands who here can count out change without having it calculated on a cash register? I can, did I learn that when I worked as a cashier – no it was taught in school and I was able to use it when I worked as a cashier at my after school job.
There’s this song from Dawes called “When My Time Comes.”  There is a line in the song that I think should be a reminder to all of us, the line is:

“And now the only piece of advice that continues to help
Is anyone that's making anything new only breaks something else.”
Song By Dawes – When My Time Comes

What is new – well it’s not new but has been a bane in my life and others for a number of years and that is Common Core.

Common Core is an embarrassment, a disgrace – it is a curriculum with a yardstick, yet the measurements cannot be figured out unless you can understand common core math.  

It is developmentally inappropriate and assumes every child reads at the same level. It is breaking our schools and children’s education. To me it takes more than it gives – one subject that is being tossed out is cursive handwriting.

Why am I concerned about this subject as opposed to a more academically challenged subject? It concerns me for a number of reasons but primarily it’s  because my kids cannot  read cursive; consequently, my kids started out in the American School system much later than their classmates, so to say there’s a deficit that is not an exaggeration.

I was stunned that if they learned any of it – it is not practiced or used at all.

I have researched this everywhere – and bottom line, this is what I learned:

Cursive handwriting:

Helps kids learn to read
The English language is very complex; early handwriting practice and writing down messages helps kids break the code
Early reading success
Important tool for cognitive development
Stimulates widespread area of both cerebral hemisphere
Hand-eye coordination
Improves fine motor skills

So that is the scientific aspect of what happens when we take pen to paper and write, sure perhaps we didn’t know this in the olden days, but we know this now, because we have the capabilities to research it, how lucky are we.

The majority of my resource was gathered at Psychology today.

A great article is:

Biological and Psychology Benefits of Learning Cursive
Don't let your schools stop teaching cursive.

One of the many things the article pointed out that was interesting was.

When a child learns the process of handwriting it is simply done one or two letters at a time.  First, the child engages the hand and arm motion, and then the student learns one stroke, then the next, until it copies the letter.  The first letter a bit tricky, the second time a little better, each practice of the letter gets better and better; there is no right or wrong- because what is created is their own, the student is in control.  Moreover, the student feels that better results can occur with each attempt – resulting in ownership and success, a gratifying process.
Cursive handwriting allows us to read our historical documents, write out a card, read Grandmas recipes, and sign our own name. Texting and emails are not bad – simply new vehicles for literacy that need to honor how it got here.

I get that it’s so much easier for a teacher to grade an essay in a Calibri font – single lined, count the words and auto-correct the mistakes essay. This is all fine and good but these should be privileges, typing an essay on the computer, should be earned just as my third-grade classmates and I earned the Bic blue pen.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

It’s time for Ten Things of Thankful -

OMG Sunday almost 10:30 and I have a blank page.

Here goes quick and painless

A wonderful dinner that I made today; chicken Kabobs, along with a Greek Salad and Orzo in a garlicky tomato sauce and of course pitas. 

Seriously  let’s talk about the Orzo pasta dish – we go to this Greek Restaurant and they make this Orzo Pasta Dish that is incredible; they won’t give me the recipe; well ahem, I don’t need it anymore because I figured out how to make it.

Nick and I watched a movie together last night “Sisters” it was funny and made us laugh.

We both had a laughing fit - poor hubby split his pants when he lifted the air conditioner to bring it upstairs to our bedroom.

I heard him say, “kids don’t look at my butt I split my pants…


Cool Breeze all night and this morning - We did not need to put the air conditioner in the window yet – with the window open there was a nice cool breeze .

No air conditioner – saved us some money.

A productive weekend - four posts completed.

Amelia and I treated ourselves to a foot massage each – it was very relaxing and the reflexology was needed and appreciated.

I used a gift card that I received for my birthday.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Ten Things of Thankful… Quick and Simple

An impromptu get together with friends on Friday night – love hanging with you both.

Two days off to reflect, renew and rest.

Sunny days - yesterday and today

Hera’s Costume (Greek Goddess of Love and Marriage) is done, finished and ready for a school project due on Tuesday.

Blinged-out gold flip flops

Gold Tablecloth (tied in a very modest toga), gold accessories include, a staff or scepter (which I made), a crown, the belt was made by braiding gold strands of yarn, adding a shawl and the blinged-out gold flip flops makes a beautiful Hera Goddess costume - all supplies came together because of  Michael’s, Party City and my closet. We are done and ahead of schedule.

Dad showing the Queen Hera how to hold a scepter

The finished project- I hope I get, I mean Amelia gets a good grade!

A not so Sunday dinner because of obligations, like getting a school project finished. I am making a quick Roast Beef and Cheddar quesadillas. A quick and easy put together, it is a Deli special Combo at my supermarket, I’ll get two orders of Roast Beef and Cheddar Cheese, assemble in fajita size tortillas and bake the quesadillas till the tortillas are toasted, on the side I’ll have French fries, plus a quick green salad – dinner will be done and more importantly accepted by the clan.

My sixth thankful is; reading comprehension books for Amelia, gifts from a friend, huge thanks to you my friend.

Sixty Dollar coupon from Old Navy helped a lot – bought some nice things for me, a birthday gift from the family.

A Sushi birthday dinner….oh I love sushi!

I know I’ve said this before, but it needs another mention, and that is I am so thankful to Pandora. It is a great mood lifter and makes me beam with joy – The music that I listen to is melded with today’s hits as well, and I love it when I play it from the Roku at home.  I love that my children will sing along to songs by The Beatles, Imagine Dragons, Taylor Swift, Abba, Journey, Paul Simon, and will listen to Antonio Vivaldi because their crazy mom proclaims that he must have been the Led Zeppelin of his time.

Last but not least is number ten; dinner is ready – table is set and everyone is ready to eat – and that is where I’m going, downstairs to eat dinner with my family.

Wish you all a week filled with silver linings and finally I leave with this:

 Not one of my favorite president but nonetheless, words to remember.

Let’s not hate….

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Today is my Birthday Eve…ten things of thankful all about me!

I love Birthday eves and have been wishing everyone I know a happy birthday eve,  as well as tracking them down on the actual birthday, to wish everyone a beautiful day every year.  For some years now, birthday eve wishes have become competitive with some family members. This year because of an unspoken technicality (there are no rules) my sister Silvana wins by texting me on Saturday wishing me a Happy Birthday eve, eve! However, my cousin Angela was the first to wish me a Happy Birthday Eve on Facebook.

Celebrating birthday eve – reminds me to reflect on the past year, when I wish everyone a birthday eve what I’m really saying is, the year has ended reflect on that for the moment…tomorrow starts a new year, another beginning – consider that too.  

Another year for me – what will I face? What can I change?  What will remain the same?  What will inspire me?  What will heal me… many questions right?

First Thankful – is another year!

Second Thankful- making plans for me – setting goals and good positive modifications.

Third thankful goes to these teeny tiny plugs of peaceful bliss - yes I slept and slept in too, to a wonderful 6 am, not 3 am, not 4am, or 5am…6 am, baby!

Fourth Thankful -   It’s my birthday eve and everyone will know it…

Fifth  thankful - Small herb garden in my kitchen- finally committed to buying three herbs yesterday at the market;   Basil, Mint, and Rosemary.

Sixth thankful containers to hold the herbs and catch the water, I found them in my basement among many mugs that I do not have room for, the cost zilch.
How lovely does that look?

Number Seven– goes to this quiet morning and my second cup of coffee.

Eight - making peace with change – it is inevitable many changes in the workplace, all positive but more importantly I am up for the challenge, as I always am!

Nine – thankful for the last six years; six years ago, on April 1 we started our journey to make our family complete and bring our children home. Six years ago, we righted a wrong and finally took what was misplaced, and brought it where it needed to be, in our hearts and in our lives forever. I am so thankful that we knew what was meant to be without question or hesitation.

They did not want to sightsee; they wanted to go swimming in the hotel’s pool.

Ten -  A Saturday afternoon nap;  after all the errands were completed I took a much-needed nap– I  didn’t know how much I needed a rest,  I  think I am like that darn bunny that keeps on going, except I need to remind myself often, “it’s okay to stop.”  A rainy afternoon was the perfect day to cuddle up with my little Teddy and sleep.

He knows how to relax and nap… so I needed the help of a professional.

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