Sunday, March 20, 2016

Thank You For Being My Friend….and Ten Things of Thankful

Last week was a bit crazy…work was busy, which is a good thing right… maybe I should consider adding it to my weekly thankfuls, maybe that thankful is in my heart quietly.

I love what Piglet says to Winnie such a good friendship, strong and fragile at the same time.

Did you know that friendships are strictly a voluntary relationship?  It is on the lowest scale of relationships and listed as the following; romantic partners, parents, siblings, children and friends.

Friendship is entered by choice; it lacks formal structure, which means I wouldn’t or could not speak to my husband for weeks or months.  Yet with friends, no questions asked I can go months, weeks and dare I say years without speaking to any of them, then one day the phone rings and my friend is on the other end of the phone and poof as if no time passed we are talking, laughing, caring and making plans to see one another.

By the end of my crazy week, I was thinking of my friends …I was thinking about them for a number of reasons; sometime in the past two weeks someone asked me if I make friends easily – and truthfully I don't, and this revelation, which I have always known, hit me hard.  However, a fact is a fact; therefore, it began my obsession to learn about friendship.

I’m cautious  when I make friends, yet when I am welcomed and feel the love – I’m your friend forever….yet, even then I still leave some space between my friends and me.

I don’t have many friends and consider only a handful to be my close friends.  Therefore, without mentioning names here are my ten thankfuls.

Friends if you are reading this post I am certain you’ll know whom each thankful belongs to.

One -Thank you for stealing me; and Nicky too…

Two - Thank you for giving me, Nicky and Rocky a home for eight months.

Three - Thank you for our late night talks on the phone – so many years ago.

Four -   Thank you for long phone calls, although our distance is far you are close to my heart always.

Five - Thank you for no matter where I was vacationing, anytime we were in your neck of the woods you always made it a point to visit me. 

Six - Thank you for your support during a confusing time in all of our lives – we started out at day 3000 together, we bonded, always making sure our children stayed friends.

Seven - Thank you for helping me get a message across many time zones.

Eight - Thank you for our talks during our drive home - your positive advice and compliments made a huge difference in my day.  

Nine - Thank you for being nice to me when I was helping you unglue your mailbox, also I am very grateful to you for running with me.

Ten - Thank you to all of you - I wish you can see yourself through my eyes – and how special you are all to me.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Feeling Dazed…Because I lost An Hour & My Ten Things of Thankful

It is 8:55 pm, I am working on my Ten Things of Thankful right now…let’s see how long this will take me from now to publish …ahem – without any distractions.

First off let me begin with, it’s been that kind of weekend where nothing was urgent and I am ignoring any schedule.  Which I must add or elaborate that the Daylight Savings time isn’t helping this mindset either, that lost hour has put me in a daze … well, almost a daze.  I did get some things done and tended to a sick child….

The call came on Friday afternoon; Nick was home he called me at work to tell me that the school nurse called because Amelia has a fever – he was on his way to go get her, he continued to say that he will bring her home and give her Motrin for the fever, or should he give a cold medicine.

I said if she has a fever, she should go to the doctor or Urgent Care – he took her to the doctor and it was determined she had the Flu ----Yuck!

Miss Amelia – on a better day

My Thankfuls…
First – Nick was home; although I would have left the office to go to her, I was glad that I did not have to.   

Second - Doctor was in to see her and prescribed medication right away

Third - Tamiflu - do I need to say more - she seems fine today no fever all day!

Fourth - new Apps on our phones that make pictures look like the one above and this one….

James dressed for a Mock Trial for Social Studies.

Fifth - I got me a pair of Cowgirl Boots…
Here they are

Six - A week of good eats –

Fettucine with a Walnut Sauce

Pancakes on National Pancake day – Teddy wants some too…The pile in the middle I call scribbles last bit of the batter scribbled along the griddle.

What a sick child wants for dinner…Orzo pasta with butter and cheese and ginger ale – of course, she didn’t eat the whole thing, but enough so that the Tamiflu wouldn’t upset her stomach.

What the rest of us ate - homemade Sloppy Joes on Pretzel Rolls-

Six – Although I am sad that it was the final episode for Downton Abby, I was quite pleased how it ended, a truly happy ending – Bravo!  It put me in a good mood at the start of the week.

Seven - we are ok - do not read into this, it a simple statement that really should be included every week, something I need to remind myself always.   Lately, I am feeling our own (everyone) fragility on a hypersensitive level.  

Eight – A new App for the computer that helps… it’s neat however, I am only using the free version.

Nine -  I am having my family over on Easter Sunday -  my mom is making  Lasagna,  dad is bringing artichoke, my sister is doing  an appetizer, Mimi (my sister’s mother-in-law)  will be making desserts….I’m making the rest a roast of some kind ( not sure what it will be yet ) veggie sides, and a salad – I make great salads. Looking forward to having everyone over.

Ten -    Them –

 Because Amelia was wondering, what was that song about the boots… here is what she asked for.

Have a wonderful week…

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Ten things of Thankful and Number 100

Folks – this post is number one hundred – once upon a time 100 meant excellent!

Long time ago I loved getting this on a test:

I also loved getting one or many of these…

I vaguely remember on days that I received a gold star how carefully I would carry it home….

A gold star! A gold star! 

I felt the same elation when I received a grade of 100 on a test….and if there were any comments like
Great work, Excellent, or A+ - well I was on cloud 9 because after all, I put a lot of effort into getting that grade. 

With receiving  these types  of  praises, accolades and acknowledgements,  comes pride, which is to say that this pride was felt,  as only a five- year old,  an eleven-year-old,  and a 17-year-old could feel… somewhere between twenty-one and, well now; something happened, pride became a smugness or a conceit, and being proud was not a factor anymore.

What I lost was a satisfaction when a job was done well …because as an adult, well it is expected … I think when I lost this I also lost some things so important – and so key to joining you all each week.

These things are, gratification, happiness, and joy!
Wow, how ironic…. Here I am searching for silver linings and gratitude when in a long while or ever, I haven’t accepted my very own achievements….

I read somewhere that if you need a prayer …saying thank you is the only one you will ever need to say….

Which I get; gifts are given to me each day. I go about my day, and well, not ignoring these gifts, but avoiding them…

Why because; it’s fear; that nasty little visitor that lately has made itself quite comfortable and won’t leave.

Each week I come up with my  ten thankful  - and let's face it  although I mean it and generally find those darn  gratitudes; I question it all but, more importantly, I don’t dare say what my heart wants to say.

Which is, it is Ok to be thankful, it is ok  to say so and acknowledge it so it can be heard, it is quite all right to honour these gifts  by saying thank you; feeling proud and oh my God not afraid.  We can say things like;  I am thankful for you, I am thankful for our health, and I am thankful  that I am here another day to witness all the wonderful  things that are offered - good, bad or the ugly- because that is what life is…..

Therefore, I am thankful for 

One hundred beautiful posts that are filled with heart, passion and my words; which come from somewhere that I do not know …but once I start to write, they arrive, visiting, sticking  around, and always making a point.

Please feel free to snoop, and follow me….and snoop some more there a few gems in here!

Amelia’s and James’ progress report - how many times can I read “pleasure to have in class”, “shows consistent effort” and “a positive attitude”… Way to go!

An opportunity each week that allows me to speak of how I feel…and become grounded!

Last Friday night we all arrived home with something to say; so for about an hour we sat in our living room talking and laughing and laughed some more. It was hysterical and made me realize how much fun we are…. we are a team and we all have a talent, power, or a trait that makes us who we are.

Nick is  the instigator … Amelia’s  giggles and smiles are contagious …James is our conscience and for that we call him Jiminy Cricket….me, I have no idea perhaps the straight man ….oh and I cannot forget Teddy he is the supervisor, always watching us taking notes and making sure of our well-being.

Next are our inside jokes, yes we have inside jokes like:

Richie the plumber

 “The last time I talked to you, was the last time we talked!”

Last but not least this word:

Jombrotte – (our spelling) meaning someone out of the ordinary – use in a sentence when you see someone walking in the middle of the night on a highway; someone could say, “What is this Jombrotte doing here on this highway, in the middle of nowhere?”

A relaxed weekend - that hour we spent together on the couch before dinner laughing and talking on Friday night, set the mood for the weekend.

James – he is a gentleman – I am thankful for that.

Ok, I know I said this before but it is a Thankful that I cannot ignore – Pandora – more specifically Pandora playing in my car last week, and while I  am mentioning this,  it is worth knowing that I give the best concerts on Old Country Road somewhere between East Northport and Melville in the mornings and evenings.

Thank you…thank you, very much!

This leads me to acceptance, (hang on I have a point) last week, I was thankful that I can have the humility to accept blame.  And yet on the other side of the coin or a separate incidence,  I also learned and became thankful because I let myself accept  that I did nothing wrong.  Sometimes… no, all the time, I think that even if I am doing the right thing; guilt lets me believe that it’s not enough and I should have done more –I did what was needed, it was enough.  Let’s move on.

I am thankful for this creative space – Squaarekat; it is beyond my own words – it is the comments, the companionship, and the positive energy for everyone to write and create in this wonderful blog world. It is all the many beautiful blogs that I follow, your words; your voices are all very inspiring.  Thank you!

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