Sunday, February 28, 2016

Ten Things of Thankful - Happy Weekend Is Number One

It is the end of a two-day rest from everything.

This means a lot, because the last few weeks have been brutal to my nerves only.  That in itself should be a thankful, my stress, anxiety, and worries are actually internal, no real reason, but just a storm of emotion in my head and body…. – I cannot shake the feeling that something feels wrong; almost a precursor of an earthquake approaching – you know how animals sense unrest before a catastrophic event.  Yet thankful two, is that we are all OK….my worries are just that.

Mediation, prayer, being home, writing, and listening to music helps …. Those fill the number two through number seven slots of thankfuls.

Laughing with James about the Crazy Kitchen game – is number eight; seriously, my kid told me that I did not know what I was doing… I could not stop laughing, in my ear he kept whispering, go for the taco, the taco mom…what are you doing. 

Watching Amelia trying so hard on the basketball court and realizing that she might just be a real-life Sue Heck makes me smile…. Stay golden my dear don’t ever become jaded….your life should be sweet always!

Lastly, having a great dinner at a restaurant , that we would normally not try, but we did because of a Christmas  gift in the form of a gift card,  made us all happy  - Zin Burger was yummy  everyone loved it….

What is not working for me anymore is:

The news

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and emails

And also, the obscene amount of sugar that I am consuming seems to be doing nothing but maybe making me not feel well….just a thought.

Which leads me to letting you all know that I no longer will or can listen, or read about the news, except for the weather and traffic reports.  

I am announcing here that every Friday at 5:00 pm I will turn off the following:  Emails, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the entire weekend.  I will still have my phone on if you need to contact me; you can do so by actually calling me and/or texting my number. (What can I say – baby steps).   

Of course, I will check  Blogger and Bloglovin’  to see if any new posts are added  to read, but I will not check the stats on my own blogs…..let me repeat baby steps; or play games either on my phone.

Today is Oscar day -  and if  you all have been paying attention and reading my posts  - I  think you know  that  once upon a time I gifted myself  to step out of my comfort zone and go to acting school  -   older me, loves that about younger  me.  -  

I love movies but am very picky of the movies that I watch. I have three characteristics that make a great movie greater.

I’ve mention this before on my food blog “Mangia, Mangia…No talk!”   However, it is worth repeating.

The three characteristics that make a great movie even greater are:

A movie has to be or feel like it is being narrated, as if someone is reading you a story.

The movie must have one or two memorable lines – a line like this one:

“There’s no place like home.” — The Wizard of Oz

Last but very important – It must, must, must have a beautiful soundtrack!

Think about it, what movies like… “The Wedding Singer” would be if not for its 1980’s music to transform you into that era? Would we really have enjoyed “Guardians of the Galaxy” without its kick-ass music? Or was that just an added bonus?  Would we not have fallen in love with John Travolta when he danced with Uma Thurman in “Pulp Fiction”? 

And for me the music in “Oh Brother Where Are Thou” showcased another new and upcoming star….Gospel and blue grass, after that I was hooked…... 
With all the politics going on regarding tonight’s awards… I hope for once we can all stop and just agree that no matter what movies, scripts, memorable movie lines, and the music, is our entertainment. 

For brief moments we have escaped our own lives whether it is mundane, troublesome, or we are just tired; we get to sit with family, friends and even strangers to laugh, cry, become scared  - get provoked and perhaps inspired. 

Ladies and gentleman the movie is about to begin – please shut down all cell phones sit back and enjoy!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Holding On With Two Hands-Ten Things of Thankful...

All in all, we had a good week – no one was hurt, the dogs got along, and the rest of them that stayed home had a nice relaxing vacation…

That is until I voiced my need for a better-organized cleaner basement.

In two days, laundry was done, put away, and the basement cleaned ….   While I was at work, how’s that for delegation.  That begins my one and two thankfuls!

We had a visitor for ten days …. What a sweet and gentle baby!

Happy Harry a.k.a. Roadblock stayed at our pet friendly spa!

Continuing with Thankful three, Tiny Teddy a.k.a Pothole and Roadblock both got along…. In fact, Teddy would go over to Harry and try to communicate as dogs like to do….

I needed a sick day last week  - was feeling a bit under the weather…achy, cold, feverish…- four and five are to sick days and much needed sleep and rest. 

I’ve  been going through  something  a bit crazy ;  it’s not  like the hives or a the rash ailment, that I am happy to report, seemed to subside quite a lot. My last dose of Benadryl was on Thursday night,  only because I felt like the hives were coming again  - but it seemed to calm the skin, and no hives,  also  the Benadryl doses are far and few.   I think the last Benadryl that I took before Thursday  was maybe three weeks ago - it doesn’t feel like it’s every day or  two or three times a week  anymore -  So number six goes to  -  I  might not have an allergy after – all.

The crazy thing that I’ve been experiencing is anxiety; not panic attacks but anxiety - which can be for a number of reasons, but I think it’s because I am feeling quite sensitive to so many that are suffering with hardships and diseases.  I’m feeling their pain,  yet I’ve convinced myself that  I am  not immune  and that  I should be so grateful for that .  

Although I am also afraid and living like this does not help anyone…. so my number seven goes to meditation  - and even though I only started, I know it is a good practice and a positive step forward for me. In between my meditations, I keep you all in my prayers as well.

Number eight, goes to a much-needed manicure and pedicure for me and my girl…

A true proud moment….

Dinner at our Chili’s   - 

How was your week, if I write a couple of posts this week, which I might, I’ll finally hit number 100

Have a great week ahead - keep your spirits up and if you have to, hang in there – as for me I’m holding on with two hands!

We do what we can – what needs to be done-

One Year of Compassion...

One year of compassion - well I’d like to say that I practiced what I preached….but I wish I were able to do more…

However isn’t that the case of most passionate individuals …the perfectionist that believes flawless is not enough, the great mom that believes she is not doing enough for her kids…and all the children of the world (lol), the organizer who needs to hone that skill a tad more.

I like to think if we are committed to take a stand, then perhaps sub-conscientiously, we passionately live and practice this belief---

I like to think that I am compassionate with everyone that comes my way – but I am not; I am kind, gentle and a human… I also can kill one with kindness, however, I will not befriend someone that does not want to be my friend, I don’t disrespect or offend,  yet if, over and over again  I feel inferior by anyone… I cannot do or feel anything anymore.

That is how we or I am wired … sometimes my kindness, my gumption and easy nature becomes a fault.

What does this have to do with a year of compassion…for me everything …?

I think I contributed two posts for 1000 Voices of Compassion so in the full spectrum of this movement I was on board for about five minutes –

But then again if I think about that statement, I think that I’ve been present for about five minutes always….why, because it’s easier to turn my face towards the wall….

“Here I stand head in hand turn my face toward the wall…”

Words by John Lennon and Paul McCartney

Why do I say this? Because ethically I know better, because fear gets me every time and because I know in my heart that passion, beliefs, and the sheer tenacity to get the message out there is a powerful tool….

Whoa, read that again, it seems that passion, beliefs and tenacity gets the job done!  However, at what cost, who’s passion, which beliefs, and what tenacious groups are the loudest?   Moreover, if we are all screaming who is listening?

I want to stop this thought for now, and tell you all what I think has been happening to humanity for many years….

I think we have become desensitized- maybe it’s always been this way throughout history – maybe it’s getting worse.  Every problem, every sad story, and every disgraceful and shocking event is there wide open for all to see.  Which is not the issue,  but what is the issue or what I want to explain is  there isn’t  any discretion, or privacy anymore;  a respect.

We’ve seen it before and for moments, we feel a sort of euphoria of sadness (talk about your oxy-moron) think about this, for a moment in time we mourn, we pray, we hug tighter and express our sadness or disgust. We empathize, but what follow afterwards is our day to day monotonous daily tasks - we go back to our lives and just do what we need to do  to get by each day.

Every single time I hear about a shooting… I am glued to the TV and become enamored by the news that comes to us via – broadcast, computer, phone, and radio…. We want to know more, give us more stories of the heroes, more stories of the lives this devastation affected… let us see the heartfelt  stories of  a 4 year old being told that it’s going to be okay…

Show all the gestures of kindness…. The flowers carpeting ground zero, everyone shedding tears hugging one another and lighting candles – we want to see more of this…please we beg you . We all share our thoughts and wittiness with our friends on social media … we show the world that we are human- we have a heart, and yet deep down inside we are relieved it’s not us….

What we don’t see is the aftermath – the post-traumatic disorder that is suffered…

I remember when I was a teenager, my sisters and I walked into our apartment in Queens , NY and learned that we were robbed, everything was ransacked  - I was the oldest so I took over – called my mom at work to tell her …called the cops, and we sat waiting until someone came to us…  I was not shocked and  I was OK,  but afterwards, my little sister  could not come in the house  or apartment building alone, and unless  someone came in with her she would yell, sing, call out our names as she ran up the stairs  - to get someone to meet her in the hall… and accompany her in our apartment…. 

That was a very simple aftermath and as she got older, it got better… so aftermaths are at any level…

I remember being so mad about the shooting in Colorado at the movie theater - this boy ordered the weapons and ammunition on line ----- what, are you kidding? - Then they were delivered to his home, huh I  thought, no one questioned that – customer rep,  the delivery personnel;  no one thought to say something  ….same goes for Sandy Hook  hey if it’s about  the right to bear arms let’s at least  be reasonable  and perhaps a bit honest that those shiny objects did not belong near that boy…. 

Let’s just be honest and accountable for once.

So I ask you all, who should be honest and accountable? Me?  You?  Do we…. do I have the nerve to question an act- see something not right and say something , this borders on paranoia and quite honestly  I don’t want that label – so hindsight is 20/20 and judgement occurs  - I’ve questioned and made many remarks of stories that affected  us - 

Truth is I don’t help, I avoid , I don’t offer, I  shun and this act extends to my family,  because of my family -  I’ve expressed many times a distrust,  a disconnect and maybe a banishment to anyone that  I thought of as unstable – all to protect my loved ones, my people, my tribe, my family.  Yet did I ever have a thought to extend a helping hand… maybe a fleeting thought once or twice. 

Nevertheless, regardless of what or who it is we, or more like me, is afraid to get involved.  How weird  it is,  we all know what we are all eating for dinner,  the funny remark our kid made at dinner or that my car is in the shop…again; but we would not dare say or ask what can I do for you?  Can I help?  That goes for vice- a-versa too, do we ever say … I had some hard times can I ask you to….

We would not dare do that, so how can I say or expect our neighbors to keep an eye out on any strange activity in my neighborhood ….how do I expect every teacher to figure out which child is mostly likely to snap. 

We don’t – we can’t, that world ended many years ago – you know which world I am talking about, the one that kept private things private, that allowed our children to stay as young  as needed,  that world  had us playing outside for many hours, while all the parents on the block watched everyone …. 

Perhaps it wasn’t like that at all, heck what do I know, I was a kid myself but I was kid that did not hear the term  

“Stranger, danger!”

I didn’t need to know that the word fire would form a crowd before the word help does - isn’t that something…

Our school drills were fire drills

You know this all sounds like “in the olden days it was so much better spiel” but I am not that naive - there was scandal, robberies, and terrorist acts, back then …. There was inflation and protests too; there were many violent acts towards children from community members that were so, so trusted….

Although if anything that was covered up in the past came out and shocked us, shamed us, it was not enough to stop there.

Look, if I was an other world traveler, flying through the galaxies and visited earth – I would not be able to look into the eyes of us knowing we did not stop any of the monsters throughout our history.   How did the Nazi army live with themselves,   how did so many members not question their actions- how is any genocide validated , accepted and  allowed … fear !  - Fear to say, “Um excuse me but I think we just crossed the line.”  -

Hey, if I feel that I do not have the right to tell a friend that I think they are ruining their life…because of XYZ how do we stand up and fight for compassion with conviction.

Because we don’t, a passionate, one-sided belief and its tenacious followers are called one thing, and only one thing, and that is, Isis, these terrorists are radicals, they have nothing to lose.

We on the other hand have everything to lose so we step back until the next time and only as a vicious circle does what it knows how to do, it spins, telling us once again about a devastating act – and we beg for more hugs and tears and heartfelt stories….

Every headline , every violent  act  that occurs,  every single one that we  hear about … my first thought is, this is the one that  will make us change – this is the one that would shame  the human race, but it doesn’t,  after the  streets are swept clean and the victims are put away we continue….

We just continue….

So is this movement a radical one, are we to instill one thing only, which is our belief of compassion….

I want to say something about me, at this point; I am jaded, afraid, and embarrassed… I think for me the violent acts in Paris were the last straw - lately my heart is broken, because friends and family members and friends of friends are inflicted with disease and hardships...

Maybe after so many years of watching horrid news come into my living room I am not desensitized anymore, but have become so sensitive to the point that I wait for the next time.

Our life can change so easily, so quickly with any decision we make….what I feel lately is that no one is immune, and that is such a terrible world to live in.  
Having said all that, I said I still believe in us – I know we have the knowledge and opportunity to prevail, we just need to know how to spread the compassion gently…

We don’t need to look in a crowd and see evil, we need to recognize  the good…a teacher should not have to distinguish the kid that would snap but give all the same opportunity to grow, flourish, and bring out every child’s true potential.

I know I mentioned that a passionate tenacious group spreading its beliefs can be seen as an evil force and to you it may all sound very similar,  please understand  that for me at this time  it is all too familiar … we live in a world that has tainted the word belief, religion, and passion…

Therefore, for now I am simply saying that gently we can spread the word of compassion and I hope that we all get it soon.

This month, 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion continues to work toward a better world with a focus on Celebrating A Year of Compassion.

Write a relevant post and add it to the link-up .

Here’s how to get involved:

Join 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion on Facebook

Visit the 1000Speak blog

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Use the #1000Speak hashtag across social media.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine’s Day! Ten Things of Thankful – Love Is In The Air!

We are hibernating here in sunny Arctic Long Island …. With temperatures at a high of 13 degrees, the weather forecast is describing today as frigid…


However, today is Valentine’s Day and that in itself should keep us warm, right?

Valentine’s Day is such an awkward holiday; not everyone enjoys it or celebrates it. Yet there’s is one little girl that is looking  forward to Valentine’s Day, and if my husband knows what is good for him, he better get her flowers, candy, and a teddy bear like she asked for…..

Therefore, Nick after you edit, and proof read this post, go get Amelia a Valentine’s Day gift…LOL

First thankful, - is Miss Amelia, a strong little girl in more ways than I can explain.

Second Thankful - was last night’s dinner, we ordered in and had Chinese…it was good.  We were all home cozy and warm listening to the wind while watching TV as we enjoyed our dinner.

Third thankful – a warm house…

Fourth Thankful - an event on Friday that could have ended worse than I thought …thankfully it did not – yet it shed some light on how I should have acted instead…

Fifth Thankful – goes to someone who advised me that when I feel uncomfortable – it’s OK to express it.

Now I know if it should happen again…

Did you ever pay for something with a debit card; someone was hovering over you when you swiped the card, and punched in your code…- well a person did that to me on Friday and I became frazzled and nervous to the point that I was questioning the event…

If that should happen again I will remember it is OK to kindly tell the person to give me space and to step back… believe me  that thought never crossed my mind – because I do not want to offend…
however  any transaction between you and…well anything is private; that should be remembered, expressed if need to, and respected.

Number Six - goes to tonight’s dinner - I plan on cooking a romantic Italian feast for my family of  pasta with Vodka Sauce, Chicken with capers and a lemon sauce, – and roasted asparagus with a squeeze of lemon.

Number Seven -  my new added garment  are leggings - I wore it last week to work  -  1st no one laughed; second my daughter shrilled- telling me  I was dressed like a cool mom (…excuse me darling I am a cool mom.)

I was told from a co-worker that I looked very fashionable – sophisticated and the outfit looked expensive….

The whole outfit, not counting the boots, was less than 15.00 dollars….

Leggings from Old Navy $10.00

Men’s Large Sweater on clearance at Old Navy - $11.00 it covered my butt and part of my thighs.  With coupons and an additional 20 % off, yes under $15.00. Not too shabby

If you are wondering what I wear most days; it is jeans, a sweater and Uggs, on days that there’s  no snow or ice I do wear some sort of boot with a heal– we don’t have a dress code at my office (yay) so it’s just easier; especially in the winter months, it becomes comfortable and unfortunately habitual. 

Lately I’ve been feeling shabby – so a couple of weeks ago I treated myself to three dressy boots – this bit of a splurge led to buying, a few new outfits… oh boy!

Number eight - an a-ha moment – we had Amelia evaluated at a popular learning center -  and even though we won’t use their service – I was enlightened what my daughter experiences everyday- she is struggling – keeping it together – being brave and  so needs  the right help…  I’ll find it, rest assure Mama is on it.

Even though I advocate to being kind to one another, I am also adding treating her with gentleness. Let’s remember that too.

Number nine -  Winter recess, everyone will be home – except for me,  it’s okay – I’ll save my vacation days,  but I am at peace or calmer knowing that my kids aren’t alone, and will be spending time off with their Dad….

Number ten- goes to my funny Valentine …. My very own cartoon –he makes me laugh - has his heart in all the right places – is kind – loving – wins me over every time - my friend, my love –

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Ten things of Thankful-Saying Smile and Cheese Makes Me Giggle

It is Sunday… and it’s Superbowl Sunday …hope you are all enjoying today and the weekend …

I hope you all had a wonderful week that brought you to today and will carry you through tomorrow and the week ahead….

What were you thankful for last week?  What filled you up with gratitude and empowered you with a good dose of appreciation?

I started my week upset because of certain actions that are not acceptable…. I did not let up and voiced my concerns frequently.  By mid-week, I received an apology but more important I noticed a change, a better connection, let me rephrase that - a huge, huge connection; like actual hugs – being wanted and just being needed.

Hey, we have rules and they are put in place for one reason only; we are here to protect you as we see fit, and we are here to make adjustments as we see fit ----- but ultimately the rule or rules are implemented because we love you.

Number one– I am thankful for rules.

Number two – I am thankful for a true connection once the dust settled.

I should add this to my Thankfuls but there are so many … I won twenty bucks, Yay!

I have a new phone, it is a Samsung Galaxy Note 5.
So far the one thing that I like about the phone, and makes me laugh, is when I  take a picture;  all I have to say is  “smile” or “cheese” and it automatically takes the picture.  The funny thing is everyone thinks I’m saying “smile” and “cheese” to whomever I am taking the picture of, but I’m actually telling the phone…. This makes me giggle. 

Number 3 goes to giggles! Giggles are fun and always needed….

The phone isn’t syncing with my Pandora and the car more often than none – sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t – it’s a bit frustrating -  With my old phone I never had this problem  -  I’ll figure it out, that is why I’m not in love with my phone yet -----it’s been less than a month these things take time.

On Thursday was “Thank your mailman day” did you thank your mail carrier?  I have my own – so I did …it’s a match made in heaven, I am afraid of mailing letters and he is not…LOL!

Number four goes to getting to work in one piece on Friday and getting home safely…

It snowed on Friday but prior to the snow was freezing rain - sleet, so it felt icy underneath the snow; slow and steady won the race. (for me it did)

Long Island, NYC and its boroughs was hit with a snow storm I think the amount was 8 inches on the Island; the  day before it was in the 50’s - surprisingly schools were closed – the call came in early - children everywhere were smiling, and happy…

However, I had to go to work (it’s month-end) ….number five goes to the helpers cleaning my car…. 

Off I went armed with hugs, be carefuls, and knowledge that they are such good kids. (when they want to be)

I made it to work in 45 minutes -  I drove along Old Country Road  two hands on the wheel …a winter wonderland of  snow everywhere, cars behind me, cars in front  -  sorry no pictures I was not taking any chances….. Take my word; it was beautiful!

When I arrived at the office, I was actually pulling into the parking lot, when I received the call from my boss, telling me that the office was closed.  I was not the only one who trekked the snowstorm, two co-workers received the news the same way that I did.  Number six goes to a reliable car that got me to point “B” back to point “A” in less than an hour and a half. On the way home some of the shrubs along the road were showing signs of heavy snow on top of them so again slow and steady won the race…..

I stopped at a bagel store before I made it home …

Number seven … a snow day, bagels, and Netflix (watch I’m having what Phil’s Having, very entertaining)

Number Eight - sleigh rides and fun to be had in the snow…

Number nine - I made these and they were delicious - home-made mozzarella sticks…

Last but not least ….  Number ten, goes to the greatest purchase of the century ….LOL maybe or maybe not, but high on my list…. Two blue scarves/shawls… the thing is I wanted a blue scarf  and reminded myself to look for one several times in the past - I found two at Old Navy under ten each,  plus a coupon …omg were they free?  Nay, but the price was real good… under five dollars each - I do love a bargain….

How was your week ….its Ten Things of Thankful ….come on add your own!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Day the Music Died...

On February 3, 1959 American Rock Stars, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and, JP the Big Bopper Richardson were killed in plane crash along with the pilot Roger Peterson.

Three talented young Rockers were taken from the world so tragically; let’s not forget the pilot in this heartbreaking event who also perished.  Today in history or in the music industry is known as the day the music died…

“So bye, bye Miss American Pie….drove my Chevy to the levy but the levy was dry….”  Lyrics by Don McLean – Miss American Pie

After a little more than a decade past, this awful scene was preserved, along with many events that took place in a ten-year span, by a young Don McLean.

I have mentioned before how I love music, and how certain words in songs touch me quite deeply. American Pie is one of those songs that always got my attention; because I have always been so curious of what it all meant. When I first heard American Pie, it was just that another song that played on the radio always, but as I got older – there was a realization of a deeper significance.

Don McLean sold the lyrics and notes of the song for 1.2 million dollars at a Christie Auction in 2015 this is what he was quoted:

McLean said in a Christie’s catalog ahead of the sale. “It was an indescribable photograph of America that I tried to capture in words and music.” 


In the same article Don McLean was quoted about the sale of the lyrics is,

“I’m going to be 70 this year,” he told Rolling Stone. “I have two children and a wife, and none of them seem to have the mercantile instinct. I want to get the best deal that I can for them. It’s time.”  -

I’m not questioning the sale – I’m not here to judge,  but I cannot help thinking how ironic that this was to be the fate of these  beautiful words,  from someone who for one brief moment  was telling the world that things were changing,  that our innocence was gone, music,  and our history would never be the same.   Was it a warning?  Maybe, or maybe not, perhaps it was a song that shed some light of many events?  This led to other events, which ultimately the focus could have been that the simplicity of song and dance….were sacrificed. 

Or maybe it was just a song that after its release, it hit number 1 on the charts, and for many years its elusive words made people come up with interpretations , becoming more cult-like than anything else….. What I like to know was Mr. McLean trying to teach us all a lesson?   Perhaps.

I think the meaning is simple…. Which is a young paperboy delivering “ bad news on every doorstep” became aware – this boy was wide-awake from that day forward and never looked at the news or music the same way….because in a way on February 3, 1959 when the music industry lost three very talented young souls …music lost its innocence too and well grew up.

I can go on with word for word of the song and tell you my interpretation  of what it all means … but I’ll give you  a few lines and  what I  think  the  meanings are ; then I  want to hear what you think the lyrics mean.

So bye, bye, Miss American Pie means to me the innocence and simplicity of the 50’s is gone.  This type of music did not carry into the 60’s   - 

“I can't remember if I cried
When I read about his widowed bride
But something touched me deep inside
The day the music died”

Many like to think that this might be referencing to Buddy Holly’s wife; perhaps, but I think the “widowed bride“   refers to Jackie Kennedy …

The court jester refers to Bob Dylan

The King and Queen can mean the Kennedy's while in certain parts of the song when the King is mentioned it is most likely Elvis Presley. 

Throughout the song, are many bits that can be interpreted as moments in history.

“While the sergeants played a marching tune”  to me sounds like The Beatles….

My favorite line is this:

“I met a girl who sang the blues
And I asked her for some happy news
But she just smiled and turned away”

The girl is of course, Janice Joplin who just smiled and turned away when she died…..

The song is meant to embody a ten year span of a time in history that was turbulent, has been romanticized, demanded many changes and made  so many uncomfortable because a truth was revealed…..

“Do you recall what was revealed?
The day the music died?”

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