Sunday, February 28, 2016

Ten Things of Thankful - Happy Weekend Is Number One

It is the end of a two-day rest from everything.

This means a lot, because the last few weeks have been brutal to my nerves only.  That in itself should be a thankful, my stress, anxiety, and worries are actually internal, no real reason, but just a storm of emotion in my head and body…. – I cannot shake the feeling that something feels wrong; almost a precursor of an earthquake approaching – you know how animals sense unrest before a catastrophic event.  Yet thankful two, is that we are all OK….my worries are just that.

Mediation, prayer, being home, writing, and listening to music helps …. Those fill the number two through number seven slots of thankfuls.

Laughing with James about the Crazy Kitchen game – is number eight; seriously, my kid told me that I did not know what I was doing… I could not stop laughing, in my ear he kept whispering, go for the taco, the taco mom…what are you doing. 

Watching Amelia trying so hard on the basketball court and realizing that she might just be a real-life Sue Heck makes me smile…. Stay golden my dear don’t ever become jaded….your life should be sweet always!

Lastly, having a great dinner at a restaurant , that we would normally not try, but we did because of a Christmas  gift in the form of a gift card,  made us all happy  - Zin Burger was yummy  everyone loved it….

What is not working for me anymore is:

The news

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and emails

And also, the obscene amount of sugar that I am consuming seems to be doing nothing but maybe making me not feel well….just a thought.

Which leads me to letting you all know that I no longer will or can listen, or read about the news, except for the weather and traffic reports.  

I am announcing here that every Friday at 5:00 pm I will turn off the following:  Emails, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the entire weekend.  I will still have my phone on if you need to contact me; you can do so by actually calling me and/or texting my number. (What can I say – baby steps).   

Of course, I will check  Blogger and Bloglovin’  to see if any new posts are added  to read, but I will not check the stats on my own blogs…..let me repeat baby steps; or play games either on my phone.

Today is Oscar day -  and if  you all have been paying attention and reading my posts  - I  think you know  that  once upon a time I gifted myself  to step out of my comfort zone and go to acting school  -   older me, loves that about younger  me.  -  

I love movies but am very picky of the movies that I watch. I have three characteristics that make a great movie greater.

I’ve mention this before on my food blog “Mangia, Mangia…No talk!”   However, it is worth repeating.

The three characteristics that make a great movie even greater are:

A movie has to be or feel like it is being narrated, as if someone is reading you a story.

The movie must have one or two memorable lines – a line like this one:

“There’s no place like home.” — The Wizard of Oz

Last but very important – It must, must, must have a beautiful soundtrack!

Think about it, what movies like… “The Wedding Singer” would be if not for its 1980’s music to transform you into that era? Would we really have enjoyed “Guardians of the Galaxy” without its kick-ass music? Or was that just an added bonus?  Would we not have fallen in love with John Travolta when he danced with Uma Thurman in “Pulp Fiction”? 

And for me the music in “Oh Brother Where Are Thou” showcased another new and upcoming star….Gospel and blue grass, after that I was hooked…... 
With all the politics going on regarding tonight’s awards… I hope for once we can all stop and just agree that no matter what movies, scripts, memorable movie lines, and the music, is our entertainment. 

For brief moments we have escaped our own lives whether it is mundane, troublesome, or we are just tired; we get to sit with family, friends and even strangers to laugh, cry, become scared  - get provoked and perhaps inspired. 

Ladies and gentleman the movie is about to begin – please shut down all cell phones sit back and enjoy!


  1. Switching off for the weekend sounds like something which will bring you peace, and I hope you enjoy (or have enjoyed) it. I try very hard to stay away from the news - it's just disheartening.

    Glad you all had such a lovely time at the restaurant, and here's to music, prayer and meditation (nearly wrote 'medication' - a Freudian slip if ever there was one!)

    P.S. There's a really cool mash-up between a Gwen Stefani song, and the Soggy Bottom Boys, available on Youtube. It's a lot of fun :)

    1. I checked out the video it was fun ... :)

      switching off from the news is hard but I need to do it - on Saturday afternoon Amelia and I was watching chopped (its a cooking show) and one on the chefs claimed that she has stage 2 stomach cancer .... I was done - the news someone sick - I know I'm not sick and I am not annoyed that they're sick its just that I am so sad that so many are sick lately... I am so sad that young people can get behind a wheel after drinking and think its ok - and we dumb shmucks stand there listening to the news how they killed so many while driving... oh boy let me stop now you get the message right - I do have empathy but I cannot process it anymore.... :(

  2. I watch very few movies these days, unfortunately. But I enjoyed many of the ones you mentioned. O Brother, Where Art Thou is a favorite, and the music is such a big part of it. I heard that the Oscars was just one big agenda. Don't know if it's true, but I'm glad I didn't watch it. I just like to see the dresses everyone wears. :)
    Great idea to take a break from media on the weekends. I'm pretty sure so many people are angry all the time is because they spend too much time reading things on the internet. (Perhaps I need a long break in order to get my funny back!)
    Oh my word, your description of Amelia being the real life Sue Heck made me laugh. She is one of the most lovable characters on TV. I pray Amelia can keep that positive attitude always.

    1. O brother where art thou one of my favorite movies ...but my # 1 movie and meets all my criteria is Joe VS the Volcano - I know suns nuts but it's not

      I really do need the break and have made adjustments because of it...
      on Saturday we went to her BB game James and I and she did something that was very funny and positive to watch it made me think of Sue Heck who is absolutely one my favorite characters on TV... BTW she is always smiling and twirling and singing - its a sight to see. :)

  3. I always watch the Oscars. I saw The Revenant, and though it was truly hard to watch, I thought it was a tremendous piece of art. And I thought Chris Rock's monologue was inspired.
    I so understand that feeling of impending doom. It took me until I was an adult to recognize that as anxiety. I see you do too.

    1. oh my I am not sure if I can see The Revenant - but I will give it a go - Chris Rock did a great job -
      the impending doom only just began - this I am starting yoga a gain hopefully that helps....

  4. Ah, the Crazy Kitchen Game sounds like fun.
    I love movie soundtracks. I love the new Great Gatsby. Of course, any soundtrack featuring 80s music is just fine by me. Love music from that decade.
    Turning off social media and all its distraction during the weekend is wonderful. Baby steps, but I would like to have a break too. We'll see.
    Have a great week.

    1. Crazy Kitchen ended up on my phone because I gave my daughter my phone while went to my doctor's appointment then I started playing and well my son made fun of me -

      so not only do I love movie soundtracks but I love musicals too - LOL

      turning off is needed and wish I can get everyone on board...

  5. I too am deleting the news from my life. the world is too much with me.
    and movie lines ... oh my yes.
    I can quote from my favorites at the drop of a hat!
    and all you said about movies... so true.
    I didn't know you'd trained as an actress! how wonderful is that!
    I would have been on stage in another lifetime. I guess that's why they (family) used to call me the drama queen.
    you think that was why?
    LOLOL! we won't go into that.
    but I was in every school production there ever was. what fun!
    and ...
    I love her spirit. her never say die. her love for life itself. her kindness.
    amelia could do a lot worse in this world than be like sue!
    and how wonderful is it that you see that too. :)
    you're just the best little energizer bunny. take care. even their batteries run low. eventually.
    I think this post is inspirational. you're finding balance.
    and helping others find it too with your words.
    i'm glad you became a writer. XOXO♥

    1. Tammy - I am done with the news - I cannot process it but I have a feeling his might be short-lived yes I went to acting school in the village then joined a acting troop - it was so much fun but many many years ago .
      sue heck is a favorite and yes comparing Amelia to her is a compliment

      thank you :)

  6. O Brother, Where Art Thou? is one of my favorite movies. I also love Sue Heck, and I love that you compare Amelia to her, and yes, everyone should be more like Sue.

    1. that is me on Wednesday night at 8 pm watching the middle i have it DVR yet I watch it anyway Sue Heck just a wonderful and hopeful character...

      O'Brother...yes one of my favorite movies and i got nick to watch it with me too :)


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