Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine’s Day! Ten Things of Thankful – Love Is In The Air!

We are hibernating here in sunny Arctic Long Island …. With temperatures at a high of 13 degrees, the weather forecast is describing today as frigid…


However, today is Valentine’s Day and that in itself should keep us warm, right?

Valentine’s Day is such an awkward holiday; not everyone enjoys it or celebrates it. Yet there’s is one little girl that is looking  forward to Valentine’s Day, and if my husband knows what is good for him, he better get her flowers, candy, and a teddy bear like she asked for…..

Therefore, Nick after you edit, and proof read this post, go get Amelia a Valentine’s Day gift…LOL

First thankful, - is Miss Amelia, a strong little girl in more ways than I can explain.

Second Thankful - was last night’s dinner, we ordered in and had Chinese…it was good.  We were all home cozy and warm listening to the wind while watching TV as we enjoyed our dinner.

Third thankful – a warm house…

Fourth Thankful - an event on Friday that could have ended worse than I thought …thankfully it did not – yet it shed some light on how I should have acted instead…

Fifth Thankful – goes to someone who advised me that when I feel uncomfortable – it’s OK to express it.

Now I know if it should happen again…

Did you ever pay for something with a debit card; someone was hovering over you when you swiped the card, and punched in your code…- well a person did that to me on Friday and I became frazzled and nervous to the point that I was questioning the event…

If that should happen again I will remember it is OK to kindly tell the person to give me space and to step back… believe me  that thought never crossed my mind – because I do not want to offend…
however  any transaction between you and…well anything is private; that should be remembered, expressed if need to, and respected.

Number Six - goes to tonight’s dinner - I plan on cooking a romantic Italian feast for my family of  pasta with Vodka Sauce, Chicken with capers and a lemon sauce, – and roasted asparagus with a squeeze of lemon.

Number Seven -  my new added garment  are leggings - I wore it last week to work  -  1st no one laughed; second my daughter shrilled- telling me  I was dressed like a cool mom (…excuse me darling I am a cool mom.)

I was told from a co-worker that I looked very fashionable – sophisticated and the outfit looked expensive….

The whole outfit, not counting the boots, was less than 15.00 dollars….

Leggings from Old Navy $10.00

Men’s Large Sweater on clearance at Old Navy - $11.00 it covered my butt and part of my thighs.  With coupons and an additional 20 % off, yes under $15.00. Not too shabby

If you are wondering what I wear most days; it is jeans, a sweater and Uggs, on days that there’s  no snow or ice I do wear some sort of boot with a heal– we don’t have a dress code at my office (yay) so it’s just easier; especially in the winter months, it becomes comfortable and unfortunately habitual. 

Lately I’ve been feeling shabby – so a couple of weeks ago I treated myself to three dressy boots – this bit of a splurge led to buying, a few new outfits… oh boy!

Number eight - an a-ha moment – we had Amelia evaluated at a popular learning center -  and even though we won’t use their service – I was enlightened what my daughter experiences everyday- she is struggling – keeping it together – being brave and  so needs  the right help…  I’ll find it, rest assure Mama is on it.

Even though I advocate to being kind to one another, I am also adding treating her with gentleness. Let’s remember that too.

Number nine -  Winter recess, everyone will be home – except for me,  it’s okay – I’ll save my vacation days,  but I am at peace or calmer knowing that my kids aren’t alone, and will be spending time off with their Dad….

Number ten- goes to my funny Valentine …. My very own cartoon –he makes me laugh - has his heart in all the right places – is kind – loving – wins me over every time - my friend, my love –

Happy Valentine’s Day!


  1. We have a Pepe LaPew and Kitty Christmas ornament that we got the first year we were married because it reminded us of us!
    Sweet Amelia, struggling and keeping it to herself! Glad you've found out and will be able to help her, bless her heart!
    I'm still hoping for a snow day, but we haven't had any yet and don't see any chance of one in the next two weeks. If it's going to be cold, the least it could do is snow and close schools for a couple of days!
    Stay warm, enjoy your dinner (sounds marvelous!) and be glad you're young enough to wear leggings! :)

    1. First yay.....Pepe le pepe is one of those Sexy cartoon haha....awww hope you get your snow day...
      When there was a whisper of snow when my kids were in Grammer school their teachers instructed them to go to bed with there pj's in side out and a spoon under the pillow worked every time lol....thank you yes I able to pull off the leggings look...believe me I've hesitated for so long cause I'd hate to get used to wearing something with too much stretch hey that's me...

    2. First yay.....Pepe le pepe is one of those Sexy cartoon haha....awww hope you get your snow day...
      When there was a whisper of snow when my kids were in Grammer school their teachers instructed them to go to bed with there pj's in side out and a spoon under the pillow worked every time lol....thank you yes I able to pull off the leggings look...believe me I've hesitated for so long cause I'd hate to get used to wearing something with too much stretch hey that's me...

    3. When I'm fairly certain there is going to be a snow day the next day, I tell my preschoolers to do the pj and spoon thing. They are amazed at how well it works!

    4. Haha...see I was thinking or hoping you might try it out first lol :)

    5. Haha...see I was thinking or hoping you might try it out first lol :)

  2. I'm feeling shabby and boring and old. I have a haircut appt on Tuesday, and I am committed to doing something drastic. I don't know what yet. We'll see!

    1. go for it - but my advise is not too drastic like an asymmetrical haircut - I have a feeling that those haircuts are great ideas in theory - but then again that's me - I love layers, or a cute kind of bob that is cut in an angle to fall in a point in the back ...I think you should consider highlights and a good blow-out. like I said go for it this may lead to a manicure and pedicure. :)

  3. Happy Valentine's day. I can't stand the freezing cold, I'm glad you are keeping warm and enjoying.

    1. happy valentines day to you too - stay warm this cold spell was brutal :)

  4. Hapy Valentine's Day to you and your family.
    Chinese food is delicious and your dinner plans for tonight sound delicious also.
    Love the deals and bargains and good for you for doing all you can to help your daughter to be able to learn more successfully. It's a balancing act for all the years it takes to learn all there is to learn. I went through a lot of it, with special ed teachers and classes, but I made it through to the other side. Having a strong mother, like I had, like you are helps so so much.

    1. thank you for visiting and having someone on your no matter the ager - situation is key and a major thing in someone's life - have a wonderful week.

  5. We ate asparagus today too, and your post reminded me that I forgot to use the lemon that is sitting in my fridge!

    Your daughter is lucky to have a mom like you. :-)

    1. they were yummy .... next time you'll remember - I did it that way because the asparagus substituted a salad. :)

  6. What a lovely post! I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day and are staying warm!

  7. always love to hear what you fix for dinner!
    and how I wish my office had a casual dress code.
    and yes! YOU ARE a cool mom. in every way. LOLOL!
    happy belated heart day dear heart. xo
    I keep track of the weather and thought of you when I heard the temps.
    oh my. legging weather for sure.

  8. Asparagus is in the stores here now too. I sautéed some with a little baby spinach and added a couple of eggs to make a deliciously good veggie scramble for breakfast this week.

    With those cold temperatures, I would think multiple layers of my leggings would be in order. Having the combination of the cold weather, and the wind, chills one to the bones.

  9. OK your dinner sounds amazing.
    Hooray for your daughter and her strength!
    Haircuts when you feel like doing something drastic - oh boy. I've done a couple and about six weeks later regretted it. I think I may be done with those. :D


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