Sunday, January 24, 2016

What’s better than that- Ten Things of Thankfuls!

A dream weekend; snowed in, relaxing, vegging, and time to think too-

What’s better than that!

What a wonderful weekend it was folks;  I am serious …so did you hear, we got hammered with so much snow that I’m sure it won’t go away anytime soon… but today we get to clean it (see below courtesy of Channel 12- Long Island, they said it’s OK….----

Great weather for cleaning up after our blizzard! Mostly sunny. It will still be a little breezy with winds NW 10-15 mph. A few higher gusts. Highs near 35 degrees. There is still the chance for some minor coastal flooding this morning with tides around 1.5 feet above normal.

That task will be done by the boys in my house. I will be in the kitchen cooking for the week and for today.

On the menu is meatloaf for today, along with roasted string beans,  cauliflower Au-gratin, and mashed or roasted potatoes (not sure yet)  on the sidelines  chili will be simmering all day in the crock pot and  I will fry up breaded chicken cutlets…(easy peasy)

If I start this morning, I’ll be done by noon.
However first the Ten Things of Thankfuls for the week –

Last Monday, was actually a good day to go to work, and start the week - banks were closed, there wasn’t any mail–the building I work in was very quiet, being that we were the only office open, the roads were not crowded with schools closed - so began a good and productive week.

All of this leads to Tuesday afternoon when I received an email from a certain person giving me a pat on the back and a job well done!  Let’s just say I was very pleased….

We did not eat out last week, and stuck to the weekly meals that I planned on Sunday. Saved us some money, to say the least; along with eating homemade meals.

What’s better than that?

I am almost starting to feel like myself again because of the medicine that I am taking for my thyroid….
Actually, I can see a huge difference …, except for a little annoying problem, since the end of October I have developed an allergic reaction to something, not sure what. Out of the blue I develop a hive that is accompanied with an itchy rash – either on my hands, wrist or arms, at times I won’t have a hive, but a red scratch- like mark, will show up, on my arm, torso, or legs.  I have taken Claritin during the day at the first sight of it, making it go away for days… then I would not take the Claritin and it still would go away but not for days….. A couple of nights last week I had to take Benadryl; which helps but makes me sleepy…

I spoke to my doctor who told me that I’m allergic to something and suggested I go see an allergist…..this is where I am sighing long and hard ….because I don’t have the time or energy to add another doctor in the pool of doctors…you know?  

However, I know that eventually I will.

So, this leads me to my fourth thankful…
Thank you all who visit Squaarekat and to everyone that leaves me comments. Please know that I do read them and publish them as soon as I get the comments….even though I have not replied to your comments I am truly grateful ….not replying to your comments means I have fallen asleep on the couch sometime between 8 pm and 9:30 pm, at any given night.

We hit the market on Friday night after six pm; and there was still enough milk and bread to buy. The egg situation was slim picking, but I did manage to get what I needed, two dozen extra-large eggs for $1.99 each. Now over at the shredded cheese department it was very clear shredded cheese was a very popular item, who knew?

So  this counts for five and six – five  is, the  shelves were not bare by the time I was able to get to the super market, and six being that we can go food shopping  fill up our cart with good ingredients and pay for it.

Next, the dryer is working …thanks Nick.

On Friday night hubby was able to fix the cable TV connection that stopped working on Friday morning; the thing is we are not really sure that he fixed it, or if it fixed itself.  After doing the same thing repeatedly, the cable feed connected to the TV, and started working again; whew, in the “Nick” of time….so we were able watch the weather channel and brace ourselves for what was coming.

Boy oh boy did it come….

These pictures were taken from the comfort of my warm home.  Warm house and all home safe and sound …is number nine!

Last, but not the least for sure; is our little $99.00 purchase that we bought many years ago.

 – Roku –

Because of this little gadget we  get  to watch  Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime  and Crackle -  all of us nice and cozy after a breakfast/brunch of scrambled  eggs, toast and turkey bacon; because we had nowhere else to go, we watched a couple of the X-Files episodes….

Today is clean-up and, I am certain that hubby and son are thankful for our snow blower…because these are the stats on Long Island. We live next to Commack.

Channel 12-Long Island

 Enjoy the week…can you come up with Ten Things of Thankful! They are there…pay attention!


  1. "That task will be done by the boys in my house. I will be in the kitchen cooking for the week and for today."
    I love it!

  2. 26.5 inches here in my part of NJ. Snow removal was a family effort, I have the backache to prove it. There's something comforting about cooking in this weather and preparing hearty, warming meals. Hope you feel better. I have that thyroid thing too. I read an article that said a side effect of certain antihistamines can be itch. Have a good week.

  3. Heck of a lot of snow - SO glad you have strong helpful chaps in your household to get it cleared, and that you were able to find provisions and hole up, away from the awful weather.

  4. Our official count is 32 by the local weather station, but my backyard begs to differ. My Husband handles cleanup because our daughter is really too young to be very effective and my RA simply doesn't allow for such things. :D He's a trooper, though, and we're so glad.
    I'm so excited for the new X-Files serious - Hub, too. We have to stream after-the-fact though because with a 7 year old with a school night bedtime, that broadcast time simply doesn't work! We do Hulu and they will very likely run that. Yay!
    I'm with you on the allergist/one more doctor thing. Ugh! Hope you get your allergy thing straightened out.

  5. Hella snow there! We have only had a little skim of snow so far that didn't even cover the ground.
    Your dinners sound so good! I am craving fresh cauliflower, but IF the stores even have it, it's $4-$5 for a head. Yikes!
    My grocery list for impending bad weather is flour, yeast, sugar, butter, and diet coke. Let the cooking of carbs begin!

  6. There is a certain awesomeness to being so undoubtedly snowed in. Cozy and warm and safe, trapped, to do nothing but spend some time with your family. No worries about having to be anywhere. A good day for cooking and playing games and watching movies. It almost makes me jealous of you all. Almost. At some time you do have to face reality and get it all cleaned up. Glad your guys can handle it!
    Good for you, sticking with the meal plan. That is not easy to do, especially as the kids get older and their schedules change 3 times during the day.
    I hope you figure out what is causing the itchy rash. That is no fun. Of course, neither is yet another doctor appointment. I hate medical appointments. There are soooo many of them!

  7. Well, I do prefer my cheese shredded.
    Glad you had all you needed to not only ride out but thoroughly enjoy the storm with your family.

  8. Oh I simply can't imagine so much snow!!! I mean, I can imagine it because I grew up in Iowa, but it gives me nightmares! I hope things continue going smoothly for you :)

  9. I watched the entire weekend on the weather channel!
    thought of you and many others in its path.
    it reminded me of being in a hospital room in upstate new york ...
    my mother had just had major surgery. I sat quietly and watched from the 5th floor as the entire parking lot of cars disappeared! you'd finally never even know there were cars UNDER all the snow. perfectly smooth!!!
    I'm so glad things went well for you. I just wish the itchy rash would be history soon! XOXO♥ and... kudos on the commendation letter! about TIME you got one!!! xo

  10. We're still digging out too. My worked my back hard enough shoveling (with the help of some sweet neighbor boys) that I had to call them back today to dig out the other car. We still have piles as high as my head from the streets, but now we can go back and forth to both cars without trouble. Whew.
    I'm glad the thyroid medicine is helping, and I'm sorry about the allergy. That is so unpleasant.

  11. We've been watching the new X-Files episodes here, too! We just got a roku TV, and we're enjoying learning about all its features--the TV it replaced wasn't even a flat screen, so we are quite impressed!

  12. So much snow! But you have good food and good tv, so that's a start. I do not envy the digging out. Stay warm!

  13. Your snowy days sound very cozy, Marisa, especially with all the comfort food simmering on the stove! Hope your allergic reaction has calmed down!



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