Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Thankfuls Noticed Gifts - Tens Things of Thankfuls….

I am so sorry about last week, and missing The Ten Things of Thankfuls.  I was not able to get myself to write any thankfuls, and I know too well that the weeks where I have no desire to be thankful, or find the gratitude, are exactly the ones that I should be looking for those silly silver linings high and low.

Well not to worry I have a second chance, this week was the same, with the same kind of let downs and, just feeling disappointed.  Here is the thing, this discontent has nothing to do with me, but it does have to do with someone special that I love very dearly.  This special person is going through a sad situation; to add insult to injury, is also trying to figure out some things that was learned during this time. This person is trying to make sense of a family member in this person’s life, and their relationship with each other; my friend is wondering, was this relationship so one-sided and truly not realized just how tipped the scale was? 
So I’ll say it anyway…when someone I love is suffering I am too.  I really feel bad – yet the only thing I can do is listen, and just give advice to make peace with the situation and find that darn silver lining because it’s there.

When it comes to thankfuls and gratitude quite often, I ask what the point is. 

I guess when you can take the time to recognize a benefit in your life, you are acknowledging a greater power or force; because I have to believe that the bad comes from a growth, a development of a thought, something that was conjured.  On the other hand the good things, those crazy silver linings are always there waiting to be noticed. I think that is right, at least I hope so.

So vaguely, I am explaining what is going on; the truth is, although it is a sad situation that needs to be dealt with, all of it has paralyzed me, and nothing else is felt or noticed.  What  is really sad is, I don’t have any control, as I never do  with any of the serious stuff that goes on  in life and sadly  some great wonderful things have happened in my life without so much of an acknowledgment or a thank you to the gifts that I receive each day.

Gifts like these:

Thankful one - he is 14 years old - I cannot be any prouder

Thankful two – was celebrated in my favorite place our beach on the North Shore of Long Island, we had pizza and cupcakes and everyone had a great time.

Thankful Three 

A silly family tradition….

Thankful Four- My homemade Carrot Sauce – made it today for dinner

You can read about it here 

Thankful Five

I have a little girl that is curious and snoops around the house and just needed to see my wedding dress.

Thankful Six – summer clothes fiasco done-   yay!

Thankful Seven- as of 10 pm last night I thought I was done.

Except there were a couple of things that were missing; but I just thought they were given to charity.  Yet  this morning I was wondering out loud that I was not able to find a pair of palazzo pants that were purchased last year, hubby said that there was another bag upstairs  when he brought the bag downstairs I was, huh, I still have to put these away -  arrgh!  I found the palazzo pants along with more tees…the rest of the bag were Nick’s shorts and tee shirts.   Thankful Eight

Thankful Nine- A cup of tea – there are some nights I collapse on the couch, either reading or watching the TV – and in walks Nick with a cup of tea…for me!

Thankful Ten

Thunderstorms are approaching – on my way home and we are all safe – observing in the comfort of our home.


Sunday, May 17, 2015

This is number 100 - My love of Numbers and My Ten Thankfuls

At times I think I  am a number person; oh sure I say I love words, yet I also feel I have a relationship with “numbers”. Saying that I’m a number person does not mean I can do math in my head quicker than a calculator, it just means I like numbers. In high-school I was a cashier at a supermarket and  McDonald's…all my jobs after school, were accounting related and my love for excel spreadsheets is a wonderful dividend that happened  through-out the years of working with numbers.

Does this sound odd, let me explain, ever since I learned how to count, at age 4 or 5, these wonderful figures had personalities and relationships among themselves.

The number 1 is a young man, not a teenager, but somehow a young adult perhaps even a loner. The number 2 is the matriarch always keeping everyone in line and making sure everyone is taken care of, number 3 is a crotchety older man sneaking off to smoke a cigar from time to time, and tells corny jokes to 4 and 5.  4 and 5 are brother and sister, respectively, five and six are lifelong besties, and 5 is in love with 7 while 6 hangs out with 8.  7 and 8 are more than friends they are like brothers – 6 loves nine,  so does 5; 5 and 6 look up to number 9 because she is such a cool older teenager-9 and 10 are soul mates. 
There you have the domestic dynamics between the numbers 1 and 10, according to Marisa Bernhard. 

I have always looked at numbers this way, I am not sure why or how it happened, and I have no idea if anyone else does this ...never spoke about this to anyone. 

I joined 10 Things of Thankfuls last June, although it started on my food blog Mangia, Mangia…No Talk; it was moved to Squaarekat where I post my thankfuls each week, along with many wonderful bloggers that link every Friday through Sunday. I was not one of the bloggers that started in the beginning, yet I did join  because I needed  to hold on to, or to remember, or to look for those gracious moments.  I wanted to see and feel the silver linings, no matter how big or small they were, and in all honesty, there were weeks that I had no idea if I could come up with 2 let alone 10. I did not want to be or become jaded. Therefore, I insisted that they were there.

Happy 100th Ten Things of Thankfuls,
congratulations to everyone’s dedication and loyalty that spread the word of gratitude and positivity across, this big blue marble of ours. 

So why did I write about numbers and their personalities?  Well since the beginning,  when The Ten Things of Thankful started, I estimate that  there are over 28000 thankfuls, from so many wonderful  people that link each week – perhaps a loner, or a matriarch, maybe family, definitely besties, a couple of bros, one or two soul-mates and maybe a crotchety, jaded woman from Long Island New York not smoking cigars. I alone have contributed over 300 thankfuls, and yet I am feeling like it’s not enough – so I continue this quest  to find my gratitude, to be part of  the many voices that tells the world each week Thank you….. Because for now this is all I have, it is my only prayer, it is all I can do, and in the process I hope  that my mind, body and soul will agree that having one prayer that honors what I have been given  big or small is enough.

My ten thankfuls for this week are –

First – the wonderful friends that I have made in this world of blogging

Second - my house is clean I spent the whole day scrubbing and cleaning on Saturday; next we purge our crap, get the yard set up and switch our summer and winter clothes.

Third – Everyone helped

Fourth - the kids’ clothes are done!

Fifth- Thank you Mark for answering Nicky’s question and for being there for him.
Sixth- A restful weekend

Seventh - thank you Avocados - A love avocados, and I love making salads with Avocados – so yummy.

Eight - I am thankful that I ran into a parent of a student in Amelia’s class, and she told me that she also had to deal with middle school placement for her child.  Word for word she expressed the same concerns that we are having. Thank you for that one, my mind is at ease with our decision.

Nine - hubby is food shopping.

Ten - I think he is barbecuing tonight – I’m not cooking –

What are your thankfuls this week…?

Happy 100th Ten Things of Thankful, my friends!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Lazy Sunday - More To Be Thankful For

Sunday Evening – It’s Mother’s day in these parts and although I have the greatest and kindest kids on this planet – today is bitter sweet for me.   It was a tough road to get here, almost 10 years, and there were days that looked hopeless; yet I persevered and I faced the truth, and followed my heart to these two little ones. 

Five years ago today, was their first day of school

Now this is what they look like,I have teenagers

What saddens me, a little is I had no idea how little they were, I blinked, looked what happened.

If I had known that the years would pass so quickly, I would have done more to stop the time.

I hope as they continue to grow and learn, they always know that they are loved, protected, nothing will stop me from helping them to succeed and make good choices, even if I have to embarrass myself, nothing will get in my way for these two.

My ten thankfuls today are:

Pretty Gerber Daisies

Messages of love

A beautiful bracelet from Amelia, who was able to get it from her class by earning tickets

A Quiet warm Sunday

An air-conditioned bedroom - (thanks Nicky for that)

Dinner, I did not have to cook

Lunchtime walks, I am averaging over 4,000 steps per day! Yay!

A delicious salad for lunch, one day last week – I made it at the office: Cucumber, Avocado, and Carrot with a squeeze of lime, lightly seasoned with salt and black pepper.

He makes me happy!

My Mom – she makes me happy- thank you for being my mom!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

I Go To Work; I Come Back Home - I'm thankful

Seven days have passed  since I wrote on my blog- that is nothing to be thankful – I want to write more  - I do, I really do, but my intentions, and potential to do so are squelched with  doubt, being tired, and lack of inspiration.  The thing is, the truth about my writing is, all I have to do is write… one word the first one, from there I add another, and soon I have a sentence, then a paragraph, then a post.  

That is the truth about my writing – sure, I have ideas and brainstorm what I am going to write about, yet once I start it takes a life of its own. I think that is the coolest thing ever -  it is the same  with cooking, painting, crafting, crocheting or knitting,  the imagined object is so different from the physical object. 

It is in my opinion much better. Don’t you think? Maybe it’s because I am connected to what I created, or perhaps for a small time I put aside the outside elements; the dishes,  the kids,  the spouse,  and quietly  stop for a moment to express a creativity that I need to express.

The thing is, it takes a long time to get there – I am distracted, I am tired most nights when I come home from work, that little knowledge of how easy it is to create once I show up, is forgotten.

Last week’s thankfuls conveyed how thankful I was for ordinary days – those days continued this past week:

Here are some of things that I thought of during the week….
I wake up
Rise to the sun
I go to work
And I come back home
I wake up
Rise to the sun
I go to work
And I come back home

Thankful one   I come back home….such an important thankful.

Thankful two… inspiration is everywhere – Netflix’s new original series “Chef’s Table” wonderful biographical series, only six episodes.
Thankful three - five years ago on May 1st, we came home with our children for the first time, and forever.

Thankful four - we celebrated with our “new year brunch”, on Friday night I made Eggs Benedict, French toast, and Tater tots home fries.

Thankful five - we are finally having very nice weather– I am walking at lunch again.

Thankful Six - Hubby is cleaning out the pool –aka Bob, as I write.  YAY!

Thankful Seven -   my sister Silvana can breathe easy …the coyote in Queens NY a mere 40 minute ride away, was caught – whew!

Thankful eight - I am about to start one of these books….
Delicious – A Novel

I cannot wait; lately whatever I am reading I lose interest quickly, then I can’t finish the book.  I hope that these books will bring back my joy to read again.

Thankful Nine - last night at 9:00 pm I sat down on the couch and was channel surfing to see what I can watch –I settled on Parenthood – the movie – I let out a sigh and said yup this is my life now, ready to fall asleep on the couch bored, when did this happen. I need some adventure, leave my comfort zone…then the phone rang. It was my sister inviting us to come watch boxing, over at her house.

A quick 10 minutes to get the kids to stop what they were doing, comb the hair, change the shirt, put on some lip gloss and  stop to bring dessert, and we were on our way; we stayed  out until 1 am and had fun… yeepee!

Thankful Ten – I did not watch the fight; but I did have a fun time with Silvana.

Those feet starting from the top –counter clockwise are:
My Sister in white
Amelia in blue
Me in black 
We were showing off our converse-
Harry also joined in the fun!

Happy Sunday – have a wonderful week!

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