Sunday, April 26, 2015

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday – Seven Wonderful Ordinary Days

Some weeks just are uneventful; last week was just that, first thankful goes to an ordinary week.

Last Sunday we celebrated my dad’s birthday.  We had a very nice day at my sister’s; eating lots, laughing and giggling out loud with the sisters and mom, on this occasion we all  volunteered my husband to do things with my dad - Tony your father.

As I said last week, it was a good day….

Therefore, when we said our good-byes I left them with a good feeling, expressed my thankfuls and joined the party at #1000 Voices of Compassion.

The few hours that were celebrated on Sunday were spent with my people, my tribe…I am connected to them –I think we all regained that bond, or connection.

Monday morning my spirit was feeling great, I was armored with the laughter and giggles that we shared, more importantly, I was reminded of who I am, how strong I am and that your family is your history;  good, bad, or indifferent it is what has made you who we are thus far.

Second thankful I am connected to many powerful women.

Third thankful my daughter is tenacious like the rest of us, a perfect fit.
We are dealing with her school’s recommendation to place her in another middle school that is offering her a smaller class environment.  She is trying hard, participates in class, she struggles academically; and yet she is social and comfortable with the friendships that were made in the last five years.   These peers for now are her support group, why would we take that away from her – when my husband  spoke to her about the new middle school she said – I want to go where everyone is going and I will work very hard. 

Thata girl!

We will do what we can to help her succeed and reach her potential, because she is not quite there yet, but we will not clip her wings as she blossoms and figures out all that is possible for her.  Having said all of that, we both know that her potential is limited yet we don’t know for sure of that either …we choose to let her fly and soar.  

Fourth thankful - hubby and I are in agreement regarding our children’s growth.

Fifth thankful  - my thumb is still hurting, locking, clicking  - the  thankful is  it’s not broken the sixth thankful is that so far,  I am not on any medication except an occasional  Motrin – it helps a little, but I am able to endure the pain without needing anything stronger.  I will have an orthopedic doctor look at it- I promise.

Seventh thankful - Amelia did the ESL International fashion show again – she loves to participate and looks forward to this event each year.

Sporting a Japanese Kimono

I began this post explaining how the week was uneventful. Basically it was, my kids are not in any sports at this time; although Amelia’s foot is healed, I think it’s best that we wait an entire year; plus, during her therapy time, was when a lot of the teams were having the sign ups- she wants to do Lacrosse and dance – definitely next year.   James on the other hand tried out for baseball at his school and sadly did not make the team. Both my husband and I flaked out signing him on our town team – who knew they start signing up in January (I think). 

It’s all good they have more time for school, which for now is fine for me. In addition, my week after work is not so crazy.  Yet I promise I will get my act together and I will sign them up for a sport one day …one day for sure…LOL!

Thankful nine –is getting to come home after work.

Thankful  ten-  it was an ordinary week but on Friday night we were all home getting ready for two days off….

Have a lovely week!


Monday, April 20, 2015

To Nurture is to Care and Encourage- # 1000 Speaks of Compassion

More often, I am amazed how things come and go in our lives; a sort of ebb and flow of events, people and changes. Time effects these moments in an intangible perspective.   What I mean is, the history is right there in front of our eyes; I see the changes; the gray hairs, the wrinkles and yet some day it hits me, wow I am married to this man for 30 years where has the time gone.

I feel the same with historic events; regarding the concept of time, they are no different I was quite surprised when I learned that the Oklahoma bombing took place 20 years ago ; how can that be; I feel the same about the attacks on 9/11, this year it’s 14 years.  It feels like not too long ago we mourned the losses of these tragic happenings in history.

Thirty days ago, I was writing a post about bullying and here I am one month later continuing my contribution to 1000 blogs of compassion –The prompt for today is nurture – the definition for this word is; “care for and encourage the growth and development of”.    Such a simple word with a powerful significance behind it,  I feel my household can be an interesting study regarding the adage of “Nurture vs Nature”; I say this because although we are a new family,  and our children came to us with developed personalities, and opinions  their behaviors and beliefs were developed in an institutionalized environment.  Perhaps we got lucky or they are the exception to the rule, but my kids are kind, loving, and happy.  Regardless of their age, we are nurturing them; encouraging their growth and exposing them to a completely new world.  We are giving them a voice and validating their feelings.

My wish this month is that every post that will be contributed to this cause, is that no matter what we write about, all of our posts will automatically change something in everyone. Today I was prepared to write about my family on my blog but in light of the awareness that I felt, my message about nurturing is linked with the many years that span our lives and realize one truth.

Although time heals, and gives us a phase to grow and develop, I’d hate to think that we are also accepting all that has transpired.

How can this be – twenty years ago, we watched in horror, a community suffering a nightmare – parents who lost their children, families devastated, a community saddened and a country shocked.

Fourteen years ago we, as a nation, felt the same emotional state when we were attacked by a group of people that breed hatred among themselves.   Between these two events and there after we have witnessed unjust acts of loathing,  over and over again – today in Boston they ran again as the convicted faces a sentence because of his action.  Yet I have to ask when does it end; I am pleased they ran again, and I believe we all have a judgement day – what I am not, is willing to say anymore “we all carry on” “this will make us stronger” Stronger at what, for the next time. Why?

Today’s topic is about nurturing, are we willing to change history, finally to ban hatred forever?   Look, I was devastated when I learned what happened in Oklahoma, I was numb when I witnessed the attacks at the World Trade Center, I was furious when I learned that children were attacked in their schools, but I looked away when I heard about the beheadings.  

How do we, care for and encourage the growth and development of; I don’t know, is it too late for all of us?   I don’t know.  All I know is, when I realized twenty years ago a government building in Oklahoma was blown up because of someone else’s radical beliefs I was shocked.  Twenty years ago folks, nothing changed.

We mourn but we don’t nurture one another, we continue and carry on but we don’t stop and encourage, we watch but we don’t learn.

When we nurture we care for and encourage the growth and development of so many - children for one, our land too, and perhaps I dare say it our enemies.

I am often curious about the little 8 year olds that endure apocalyptic, violent surroundings, how do they grow up…do they have passion to make the world safer for other eight year olds, or do they move across the land with two huge chips on their shoulders called hatred and revenge.

“Every child should be nurtured with great love. The feeling of great love promotes wellness and potential for greatness.” 
― Lailah Gifty Akita, Beautiful Quotes

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Part One - Gearing Up and Part Two - a Good Day – Ten Things of Thankful

What a week it’s been; the school is having their state testing this week, we decided to opt out both of our children … it is great when a community comes together agreeing on one thing, which is our children’s education, it is important.  Common core is terrible and I wish I knew their reason, what I mean is their true reason behind it. 

Having said that, on Thursday we had a meeting with the special education department regarding Amelia’s placement next September, when she will be attending the Middle school. What they are proposing is so drastic that I am not sure what is happening, what actually happened, and whose best interest they have in mind.  What I do know is my husband and I are the only people on this planet that have our daughter’s best interest in mind, and that someone at her school actually dropped the ball.

During the meeting, we were patronized and every time we said something to advocate for our daughter we were shot down with condescending remarks.

One remark was “All I am hearing right now is what is good for you, but I am not hearing you say anything that will benefit Amelia!”

Excuse me! 

My first thankful is that darn light bulb that goes on when it needs to go on…

At one point, I actually looked at the director and realized that we had nothing more to say.  I asked her what is the school going to do for our daughter; she replied only what they are proposing….

I replied, you are backing us against a wall…I took my car keys out, was close to tears and said – you don’t have her best interest at all, I cannot sit here any longer and go back forth  with you all, it is verging on insanity. 

Second thankful I walked out.

Third thankful is the support we received from friends and school parents who have given us some great advice as well as confirmed our concerns. In addition, a parent I met once offered to help us because she has experience dealing with the same department.

Fourth Thankful….Miss Amelia’s reading level went up another level …you go girly girl. She was so proud; although I am happy to see how eager she is with reading, I am more thrilled to see her becoming confident, and comfortable reading things she never read before…signs while we are driving, words on TV, it is making her feel so good.   

Fifth thankful Nick and I are on the same page and somehow we will make this right….

Now for part two; is that allowed.  

(Segue way to shifting gears)

Today was a good happy day

Thankful Six – we all went to my sister’s house to celebrate my Dad’s 80th birthday …my mom catered the event, my sisters and I made appetizers and my one sister brought the cake. 

   Happy Birthday;Tony your father 

I refer to my dad as Tony your father because years ago we lived in a condominium, when he visited he would go to the vestibule ring the bell I would go to the intercom and say;

“Who is it?”

His response every time was:

“It’s Tony; your father!”

We lived there for eight years.

Thankful Seven – that still makes me giggle.

Thankful Eight – the food was good and I was able to bring food home for a couple of dinners during the week…YAY!

Thankful Nine – my mother's laughing puts us all in a giddy and silly mood.

Thankful Ten – Sisters- mine 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring Break and the Fountain of Youth – Ten Things of Thankful

On Monday evening I left the office hoping that all my jobs were done, my desk cleaned and the vacation responder email set up. 

Four days off plus the weekend was exactly what I needed; the kids were home for spring break and we had a furry family member staying with us.

Meet Roadblock and Pothole…LOL!

So here are my thankfuls for the week:

I am so thankful that I had 4 days of vacation and spent those days with my kids.

Amelia and I spent a wonderful afternoon at the mall…girls love the mall.  

Free samples at Teavana Tea at the mall

Godiva Chocolate; no free samples, but yum

A trip to Queens to meet hubby at his job and then dinner; James came too but wanted no part of the selfie- he is such a 14 year old.

  See what I mean

A Christmas gift card for Miss Amelia at Forever 21 – she made some nice choices.

Look what my Soul Sister Rosie posted on my Facebook wall

I got a Happy Birthday Eve Image - YAY

Yesterday was my birthday and I am so thankful for all the wonderful birthday wishes that came my way.

My birthday goal for the year and years to come

Amelia picked out a beautiful  birthday card from her, James and Teddy- when Nick read it he said, isn't this too serious, her response was, it is how I feel. I also overheard her tell my husband to sign his card and that he should draw a heart – he said I don’t draw hearts – her response was, that’s your wife and drew the heart for him! LOL

Our traditional birthday Hostess Cupcakes

Last thankful, on April 12, 2010 we became a family!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

“I Mustache You Some Questions” And Tag Your It...

Guess what.  I love games, so I was thrilled when my friend Susan from the most of every moment tagged me to play “I Mustache You Some Questions” I love her blog she is informative, writes with so much exuberance and pride – Susan lives in Montana, and shows off spectacular photos of her state.

Now without further ado my questions and answers

Four names people call me other than my real name:
George; my niece thought that was my name for some time, she did not call me Aunt Marisa until she was 5 years old LOL
Girly Girl - hubby calls me that
Ri Ri, Mari or sometimes my one sister calls me Meta- short for metamorphosis,

Four jobs I've had:
Supermarket Cashier in high school
Dental assistant during college
Office Clerk Accounts Payable
Bookkeeper /Accounting

Four movies I would/have watched more than once:
Joe versus the Volcano
Joy Luck Club
Shawshank Redemption
The Natural

Four books I would recommend:

Four places I have lived:
Ridgewood, Queens
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Glendale, Queens
East Northport, NY

Four places I have been:
Orlando Florida
the Catskills (childhood vacation home)
St. Martin

Four places I would rather be right now:
On a warm tropical island
Exactly where I am now, because I am home - my favorite place in the world (copied but true)
     Getting a manicure and pedicure
A Cruise

Four things I don't eat:
I am not picky because I will try quite a few things but if I had to choose
Sweetbreads or any kind of innards
Bugs, like crickets, I have seen people cook with        these
Anything by Chef Boyardee
Any kind of frozen prepared meal

Four of my favorite foods:
That is a problem because I love too many things to eat; but if I had choose just four they are:
Dark Chocolate
Spaghetti with meatballs

Four television shows that I watch:
Sometimes, at the end of the night, I watch TV, it’s my only way to deflate so I watch the following:
Criminal Minds on occasion
The Middle
The following series Downtown Abbey, House of Cards, Homeland, and Selfridge
Anything on Ted-talk, I have it streamed through Roku

Four things that I'm looking forward to this year:
The summer
Visiting our beach, especially on Friday nights – we go hang out with friends watch the sunset then go for pizza.
Setting up our yard and the pool (aka Bob) this        summer
Coming up with some new recipes and writing more for Squaarekat and Mangia, Mangia…No Talk!

Four things I'm always saying:
I sigh a lot
Please be careful.
Where did I place my glasses- did anyone see my      glasses

I don’t think any of my answers are new or more revealing about me; at times, I feel like I am an open book.  I guess one needs to be if they want to blog.  Therefore, I hope you enjoyed my answers.

Now for the big reveal I am tagging four bloggers to do the same  -- please understand  I am not a fan of the imposition that  I am asking of you all; but truth is  I want to know more about you all  - I love your blogs and  I thoroughly enjoy all your posts.

The four bloggers are:

Dana from Kiss My List  Dana has the humor and the brains,  she writes  about her days, what is on her mind and is honest  - she describes her blog as a coffee date with a friend-  pour what you like coffee, tea or water she doesn't mind and go visit  Dana. 

Val is a blogger that on occasion comes and visits me at Squaarekat, leaves these wonderful comments about my posts; her last comment was:  I knew when you mentioned "stoop" instead of porch; you were from my neck of the woods.  Interest peaked and I want to know more, you can too; go visit Val at My Virtual Vineyard

Dyanne at Backsies Is What There Is Not – is funny about almost everything, she enjoys life, her family, her cats and despite some setbacks or what I call some lifetime scary moment s, she is living proof that with a positive mindset,  humor and the support of good friends and family the battleground can be a playground.   

Last Blogger is my friend Poppy over at Poppyview , who lives in Greece.  Secretly I want to be invited to visit my friend in her hometown, yet there is really no need for that because I get to have a mini vacation in her countryside because of all her wonderful, photogenic posts; as we walk together she recites her poetry that compliments the scenery. 

Now it’s your turn Dana, Val, Dyanne and Poppy tag “I mustache you some question”   hope you can join the party… however if you can’t I totally understand.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

My Groovy Gypsy Ways and Nine More Thankfuls

Here is a truth about me, lately I am quiet – I have nothing to say, and the more quiet I am, the less I want to share or engage. I am not complaining just simply explaining – I do that a lot, I explain too much, but once I open my mouth instead of explanations my words become excuses.


Truth is, I am quiet because I have nothing to say…because day in and day out I wake, go to work, come home, go to bed, start the same thing again.  Sure my days are peppered in with some good stuff,  and bad stuff too  (like stupid little worries that really don’t  materialize, but can) , and I understand we all have those moments  - but lately because of them  I am tired.  

Therefore, instead of moaning and whining, about my worries, because I have nothing to offer in a conversation, and lastly, because I feel like I am being ignored, I zip it!

These are my thankfuls, I am not sure if I am breaking the rules, but because it is my birthday week; on Saturday I will celebrate another year in this world.  My 10 thankfuls this week is about me.

Before I begin, I want to wish everyone blessed holidays:

I am thankful for the simple comforts of home – homemade meals, blankets and a crochet shawl to wrap in when there is a bit of a chill in the house.

I am thankful for my home-it is tiny, we need new siding,  new stoops,  driveway, patio  and maybe some  maintenance to some plumbing, oh, and definitely  a new kitchen, and  while I’m at it we should paint again-however it is a good house- sturdy and solid.

A long time ago, someone said to me that he thought of me as a gypsy and I asked why you would think that–and the answer was because you can adapt to any situation or you have a confidence to take on any task, if you don’t know how, you figure it out.

If that makes me a gypsy by this persons definition well I am thankful for my gypsy ways-I just wish lately I can be more groovy with this behavior.

Learning never stops; I am thankful that I never stopped doing so.  So far, in my adult life I have taught myself how to cross-stitch, crochet, blog, create excel spreadsheets and yoga.  I am passionately curious about almost everything.

I am thankful for quiet moments….

I am thankful for my collection. I collect, salt and pepper shakers, and dragonflies, but I also collect, images, quotes, stories and words.

I am thankful for my family…it was a crooked little road to get us all together–we are together now that is all that matters.

I am thankful  for my love of music-experiencing new music does not stop at any age–if you can tolerate it, leave yourself open to new music– anything  goes-classical, hip-hop, pop, jazz, alternative, rock, international, opera, blues, country  - oh my goodness the list goes on.

I am thankful for the people I allow near me–that is all I can say about that-in the physical world I am friendly to many, but not too many get close.

I am thankful that I am brave and courageous–but to admit that, I am also saying that I am weak and afraid because, each day I gather these traits leaving the comfort of my home and facing the unknown – but we all do, don’t we?  I know this too.

Have a wonderful week, everyone.

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