Sunday, February 22, 2015

My 10 Thankfuls - The Simple Things - We are Warm, Fed, and Together

It was wonderful participating in the 1000 Speak of Compassion . I was a little nervous adding my post about compassion, nervous to get it in on time, worried about the content, yet I overcame any doubt and did my part.  Humbly I say to that, I try my best each day, and show some kindness. 

We had Chinese food last night for dinner, that was Ms. Amelia’s fortune….from her fortune cookie.

I don’t work in a big city, I live in a suburban area, and my job is not far from my home.  It is in a busier area, but it is not Manhattan by any means – regardless, I am out in public, my office is a building that also rents to a government facility- there is always someone that is lost and needs to be told where the facility is.  I am mentioning this because writing about compassion is only the beginning.  With all the wonderful writings, I am fueled to do more, to be kinder, and to destroy hatred.  Congratulations to everyone that added their posts.   Looking forward to the next Compassion Link.

Now for my Ten Things of Thankful

One – Thank you Hubby for driving me to work one day last week when the roads were icy.

Two - A family who binges together stays together – we all watched season one of The Blacklist, it’s on Netflix. It is awesome how the kids want to discuss with us about the show.

Three- Kindle, we are a family with Kindles.   James got one for Christmas, and I got a newer one too. Amelia received hers last Christmas; I was able to set it up that we all are under one account, my account, which is awesome because I can set up their content from my Kindle. I added books for both kids, which they read and love.  I also added various games and apps; despite the fact I can restrict the apps and games until they read for a certain time, which I can set, I haven’t.  I told them that I am not restricting the apps or games, because I can tell if they are reading - so far it’s working, they are reading and still enjoying the Kindle experience.   I want them to read – Amelia is reading, it is awesome!

Four – Saturday,  I love you -  especially when I am feeling run down and just need to relax – I think this  winter is causing havoc to my sinuses  - I feel like I have a cold, but then I don’t – earaches  and the works, then I’m ok.   It was nice to relax yesterday.

Five – Today’s menu – in honor of the Oscars – kids asked for finger foods.  Spinach artichoke dip, Cheese Burger Sliders, Sliced mushrooms sautéed to taste like stuffed mushroom, maybe mini calzones and a salad.

Six – It is Oscar night, who is excited.  Me!

Seven-   I love movies, I wrote about it here , and here, and here too.

Eight -   Birthday celebration – we celebrated my sister’s birthday on Friday - Happy Birthday!  It was nice seeing everyone and catching up.

Nine – Back to school tomorrow – winter break is over.   Certain areas in my home are still not organized - I know I should have taken vacation too, with me home it would have been done.  Nevertheless, what was done is still an improvement; great job Nick.

Ten - The simple things - we are warm, fed, and together.

What were your thankfuls last week?

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Compassion Is A Gesture...Not A Behavior!

I’m not sure what tone I want to use for tomorrow’s 1000 Voices of Compassion.  Earlier this week, in my 10 Things of Thankful post, I tried to explain my absence since October, although I explained that it was a personal problem, I also added how very sad it was to listen to the news during the year-end.

I am a collector – I gather information, conversations, sayings, stories, lyrics from songs, verses from poems… recollections that can help me make sense of any event, or comfort me during a time when it is needed.  These so-called belongings are tucked in notebooks, diaries, and memories. 

Today I read a post over at An Honest Sinner  called Compassion Is Not Only a Noun 1000-speak. Ms. Sandy Ramsey explains Compassion should be a verb; regardless of what Merriam-Webster’s definition is on paper.  Compassion is an act! 

This reminded me of a saying that I often heard growing up; truthfully it has nothing to do with compassion or maybe it does, however I am mentioning  it and am reminded of this saying because there really isn't a precise translation to this Italian saying.  The saying is Bella Figura - I even have a blog called Bella Figura, but I am not here to promote the blog, I can’t, nothing is written on it – just another item that I have tucked away.
Consequently, Bella Figura translates as Nice Figure – which doesn't have the same meaning when used. Growing up I would hear the adults use it when a gesture was made. When my mother’s sister passed away in Italy – even though we didn't have a funeral here in New York, everyone we knew flocked to our home to be with my mom for Bella Figura’s sake.  I was taught because of Bella Figura we should always bring something to a friend’s home when visiting. I always felt that karma was also linked to this adage.

I describe it as a gesture not a behavior, an attitude!  Why am I speaking about this in a post that should be about compassion? Because ….

Compassion is a gesture…not a behavior

Compassion is not pity – but can be vulnerability, which in my opinion is really bravery.

I believe to show vulnerability, whether I am the beggar asking for help or the giving human, we both display a moment of courage.

I am very sad for the human race – I think we all forgot something important.  Moreover, I am not sure what it will take to remember.  So much has happened, so much is still happening.  

Truthfully, when will “Compassion” trump “An eye for an eye”? 

Why are we not horrified or ashamed?

Throughout history, there has always been evil lurking in the shadows…less fortunate, violence, and indecent acts to so many societies.

I think we have made many mistakes, I feel that it is easier to breed hate than to instill compassion- I am not sure where the hate comes from? 





Many, many years ago, back in the day of the VCR and renting movies, I came home to find my husband watching a movie about a group of soldiers given the task to kill Hitler.  I don’t remember the movie and neither does my husband; I walked in right at the end of the movie, which was quite interesting, when the movie ended, the screen turned black and this is what we saw:

“Stand tall all you men for you have killed the beast… but the bitch that bore him still lives!”  Anonymous

The bitch is not a woman, but represents hatred.

Compassion destroys hatred!

If you would like to join in with the 1000 Voices for Compassion, we'd love to have you.
There is a Facebook group.  Folks who tweet can use #1000Speak.  Link a post through one of several hosts, including Lizzi and Yvonne, the two bloggers who started this whole thing in the first place.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Only kind words!

Friends, Love, Happiness, Tender, Nice, Beautiful, Truth, Honesty, Help, Touch, Feel, Decency, Please, Joy, Grace, Support, Non-judgmental, Delight, Give, Laugh Live, Miracle, Divine, Smile, Hug, Peace, Honor, Wonderful,  Bliss, Connected,

I remember hearing a story  of a teacher who whispered kind loving words to her students during the Sandy hook shooting – she thought that if they were going to die at least the last words they heard were kind and loving.  Only kind words!

For tonight, I leave you with this
By Carrie Underwood

The world's so big,
It can break your heart.
And you just wanna help,
Not sure where to start.
So you close your eyes,
And send out a prayer into the dark...

I’m not a fool!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Finally, a Post - “Can We All Get Along?”

I have not written a post in a long time, my last post was in October, I was in the middle of a Blogher challenge, which at that time, my efforts, and enthusiasm all went kaput.  Seriously, saying that I was deflated was an understatement- what was the final straw – truthfully, I cannot share this  specific  event  with  you,  this has to stay in my private life however  I can vaguely tell you that it started with lies.  

I consider myself an honest person, withholding the truth is a lie, being lied to by someone who uses it as defensive motive or as a first instinct to protect him or herself is a lie too and frustrating. Although I understand why it is still is binding and each day I am lied to, it truly chips away anything good and positive. 

Having said all of that, I need to explain that I also realized one important thing, if lies are swirling all around me what is the universe trying to tell me. 

For the first time I thought that perhaps even though I am being lied to, maybe just maybe I am also displaying moments of deceit; in other words I am also not being honest with myself.

Believing everything will be OK- and that I’m OK ….you know?

Well maybe I wasn't entirely honest… nevertheless, life went on, and I had to move on. I made some adjustments and trying to take care of me and my household the best I can.

I feel I need to explain my absence -  yet  so much time passed, to be honest does  it matter -  look October was a tough month  - following that were the holidays, which are stressful for me,  yet we all began the new year – hopeful and happy.

Another thing that occurred during that time was not only deceit but also sadness I remember feeling very sad because of such horrid news in our country and around the world.

I remember, many years ago, a co-worker  brought in this book for us to see, it was this book about birthdays  and each birthday had an entire page of the history of that day  -  each birthday also had a  quote  or saying – my saying was  “Can We All Get Along!”

I want to start by sharing my 10 thankfuls and commemorating 1000 Voices Speaks for Compassion

My Thankfuls are:

Ten - Strong Women everywhere who understand and sees that we are all connected; we all know and feel it in our bones that something is not right.

Nine - I am so thankful that I am able to feed my family, and every night we all sit together and share the meal that I made.

Eight - It was Valentine’s Day yesterday; Nick surprised the four of us with reservations at our favorite Japanese restaurant - we had hibachi, shared a sushi roll, Nick and I shared some warm Saki and the kids drank their favorite strawberry Japanese soda. Thank you, it was very nice to get to go out.

Seven -  Tonight SNL celebrates 40 years and the late great Gilda Radner always said “it’s always something”  I need to remember that and just enjoy the present moment; because that is what we have.

Six - Winter break starts this week; Nick will be home too and has plans of organizing some areas of the house that desperately need attention-  
Five - The kids will help.

Four - Two family members are not well, but for now we take each moment to be hopeful for them – and with prayer and family bonds we will get through it .
Three -   like I said or thought, “it’s always something!” and because some areas of my life are not perfect it does not mean that I stop enjoying what I do have.

Two -  Silence is golden – sometimes I need to be quiet and listen – sometimes that part of me needs to be treated with compassion.

One -  Compassion and the Golden rule go hand in hand.  We need to treat others as we want to be treated  and we need to treat ourselves how we want to be treated.

This week I plan to pop in throughout the week writing about compassion – It needs to be done,  it needs to be said and truthfully we all need to be provoked.

I want to be another voice among the 1000, please join the conversation, the  1000 voices of compassion is this;  Let's get 1000 bloggers to write posts about compassion, kindness, support, caring for others, non-judgement, care for the environment etc., and ALL PUBLISH ON THE SAME DAY (Feb 20th) to flood the Blogosphere with GOOD! Use the hashtag #1000Speak to promote this event.  

Thank you Ms. Yvonne Spencer one of the founders of 1000 Words of Compassion and all the lovely women who are rallying behind this wonderful deed.  We will use our words to shed a light to kindness, on February 20.  May our voices ring out to all corners of the world!

Now I would not be a true New Yorker If I did not leave with this….


“The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter.”
― Mark Twain

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