Sunday, April 19, 2015

Part One - Gearing Up and Part Two - a Good Day – Ten Things of Thankful

What a week it’s been; the school is having their state testing this week, we decided to opt out both of our children … it is great when a community comes together agreeing on one thing, which is our children’s education, it is important.  Common core is terrible and I wish I knew their reason, what I mean is their true reason behind it. 

Having said that, on Thursday we had a meeting with the special education department regarding Amelia’s placement next September, when she will be attending the Middle school. What they are proposing is so drastic that I am not sure what is happening, what actually happened, and whose best interest they have in mind.  What I do know is my husband and I are the only people on this planet that have our daughter’s best interest in mind, and that someone at her school actually dropped the ball.

During the meeting, we were patronized and every time we said something to advocate for our daughter we were shot down with condescending remarks.

One remark was “All I am hearing right now is what is good for you, but I am not hearing you say anything that will benefit Amelia!”

Excuse me! 

My first thankful is that darn light bulb that goes on when it needs to go on…

At one point, I actually looked at the director and realized that we had nothing more to say.  I asked her what is the school going to do for our daughter; she replied only what they are proposing….

I replied, you are backing us against a wall…I took my car keys out, was close to tears and said – you don’t have her best interest at all, I cannot sit here any longer and go back forth  with you all, it is verging on insanity. 

Second thankful I walked out.

Third thankful is the support we received from friends and school parents who have given us some great advice as well as confirmed our concerns. In addition, a parent I met once offered to help us because she has experience dealing with the same department.

Fourth Thankful….Miss Amelia’s reading level went up another level …you go girly girl. She was so proud; although I am happy to see how eager she is with reading, I am more thrilled to see her becoming confident, and comfortable reading things she never read before…signs while we are driving, words on TV, it is making her feel so good.   

Fifth thankful Nick and I are on the same page and somehow we will make this right….

Now for part two; is that allowed.  

(Segue way to shifting gears)

Today was a good happy day

Thankful Six – we all went to my sister’s house to celebrate my Dad’s 80th birthday …my mom catered the event, my sisters and I made appetizers and my one sister brought the cake. 

   Happy Birthday;Tony your father 

I refer to my dad as Tony your father because years ago we lived in a condominium, when he visited he would go to the vestibule ring the bell I would go to the intercom and say;

“Who is it?”

His response every time was:

“It’s Tony; your father!”

We lived there for eight years.

Thankful Seven – that still makes me giggle.

Thankful Eight – the food was good and I was able to bring food home for a couple of dinners during the week…YAY!

Thankful Nine – my mother's laughing puts us all in a giddy and silly mood.

Thankful Ten – Sisters- mine 


  1. What a great day, celebrating your dad. I can completely picture your dad calling up through the intercom. So funny!
    I'm sorry to hear about the terrible meeting. I pray things can get resolved in a way that helps Amelia thrive. And go Amelia! I'm glad to hear she is gaining confidence in her reading. I pray it continues.

    1. Thank you we are leaning on doing one and hope it is the right decision- it was a really good day on Sunday especially when my mom started giggling about something - we can't stop then . it's contagious

      one time while I was living at the condo and knew my dad was coming over, I called my sister so she could hear it too - we both laughed and the name stuck.....

  2. don't get me started on the American public school system.
    i'm sorry to say... but their interest is ANYTHING BUT your child. it's all about money now.
    and if I step on any teacher's toes who might read your blog... i'm sorry. but we all know it's true.
    there are plenty of good teachers out there. but there are just as many or MORE of the ones who have no calling for it and only want more and more money.
    i'd like to see that 'authority' you were talking to... make that... being lectured by... i'd like to see THAT person go to russia. and read. and learn the language. and adjust one tiny bit as well as your darling amelia has here in such a short amount of time. it just makes my blood BOIL!
    so glad you had the celebration dinner with tony your father! THAT was so adorably wonderful! LOLOL.
    i love your family posts marisa. YOU are a fabulous mother. and teacher. and wife. never forget it.
    hang in there darling bean. you have the courage of your convictions. worth money in the bank any day.

    1. it is so upsetting and you know what...we will make it work I know this for sure- sunday was a good day thank you

  3. Good for YOU to stick up for yourself and Amelia! I had to fight and fight for my daughter when she was in school. So many of the people in positions to help don't care at all. Keep fighting the good fight and you will and Amelia will win. Your family sounds wonderful. Tony Your Father is as good as it gets!

    1. thank you it will a good fight I tell that for sure.... thank you


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