Wednesday, April 8, 2015

“I Mustache You Some Questions” And Tag Your It...

Guess what.  I love games, so I was thrilled when my friend Susan from the most of every moment tagged me to play “I Mustache You Some Questions” I love her blog she is informative, writes with so much exuberance and pride – Susan lives in Montana, and shows off spectacular photos of her state.

Now without further ado my questions and answers

Four names people call me other than my real name:
George; my niece thought that was my name for some time, she did not call me Aunt Marisa until she was 5 years old LOL
Girly Girl - hubby calls me that
Ri Ri, Mari or sometimes my one sister calls me Meta- short for metamorphosis,

Four jobs I've had:
Supermarket Cashier in high school
Dental assistant during college
Office Clerk Accounts Payable
Bookkeeper /Accounting

Four movies I would/have watched more than once:
Joe versus the Volcano
Joy Luck Club
Shawshank Redemption
The Natural

Four books I would recommend:

Four places I have lived:
Ridgewood, Queens
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Glendale, Queens
East Northport, NY

Four places I have been:
Orlando Florida
the Catskills (childhood vacation home)
St. Martin

Four places I would rather be right now:
On a warm tropical island
Exactly where I am now, because I am home - my favorite place in the world (copied but true)
     Getting a manicure and pedicure
A Cruise

Four things I don't eat:
I am not picky because I will try quite a few things but if I had to choose
Sweetbreads or any kind of innards
Bugs, like crickets, I have seen people cook with        these
Anything by Chef Boyardee
Any kind of frozen prepared meal

Four of my favorite foods:
That is a problem because I love too many things to eat; but if I had choose just four they are:
Dark Chocolate
Spaghetti with meatballs

Four television shows that I watch:
Sometimes, at the end of the night, I watch TV, it’s my only way to deflate so I watch the following:
Criminal Minds on occasion
The Middle
The following series Downtown Abbey, House of Cards, Homeland, and Selfridge
Anything on Ted-talk, I have it streamed through Roku

Four things that I'm looking forward to this year:
The summer
Visiting our beach, especially on Friday nights – we go hang out with friends watch the sunset then go for pizza.
Setting up our yard and the pool (aka Bob) this        summer
Coming up with some new recipes and writing more for Squaarekat and Mangia, Mangia…No Talk!

Four things I'm always saying:
I sigh a lot
Please be careful.
Where did I place my glasses- did anyone see my      glasses

I don’t think any of my answers are new or more revealing about me; at times, I feel like I am an open book.  I guess one needs to be if they want to blog.  Therefore, I hope you enjoyed my answers.

Now for the big reveal I am tagging four bloggers to do the same  -- please understand  I am not a fan of the imposition that  I am asking of you all; but truth is  I want to know more about you all  - I love your blogs and  I thoroughly enjoy all your posts.

The four bloggers are:

Dana from Kiss My List  Dana has the humor and the brains,  she writes  about her days, what is on her mind and is honest  - she describes her blog as a coffee date with a friend-  pour what you like coffee, tea or water she doesn't mind and go visit  Dana. 

Val is a blogger that on occasion comes and visits me at Squaarekat, leaves these wonderful comments about my posts; her last comment was:  I knew when you mentioned "stoop" instead of porch; you were from my neck of the woods.  Interest peaked and I want to know more, you can too; go visit Val at My Virtual Vineyard

Dyanne at Backsies Is What There Is Not – is funny about almost everything, she enjoys life, her family, her cats and despite some setbacks or what I call some lifetime scary moment s, she is living proof that with a positive mindset,  humor and the support of good friends and family the battleground can be a playground.   

Last Blogger is my friend Poppy over at Poppyview , who lives in Greece.  Secretly I want to be invited to visit my friend in her hometown, yet there is really no need for that because I get to have a mini vacation in her countryside because of all her wonderful, photogenic posts; as we walk together she recites her poetry that compliments the scenery. 

Now it’s your turn Dana, Val, Dyanne and Poppy tag “I mustache you some question”   hope you can join the party… however if you can’t I totally understand.


  1. I laughed out loud when I read the "where are my glasses" line. My dad has about 20 pairs all over his house. Just recently my eyes started to go. Glasses, and the constant hunt for them, are in my near future. :)
    Good book choices! I've read three of them.

    1. it is really bad - I really can not see any words without my glasses and I am always losing them in the house. TY

  2. ohmygosh!
    i thought i was the only person who read shop girl!
    and i'm like christine. some of these answers had me laughing out loud!
    well george... i can only say i'm so glad to know you! and now i know you even better. :D
    TOTALLY FUN! and puts silly proust to shame. and so much shorter and easier and cooler! LOL. xo
    and... can't wait for poppy's either! ♥

  3. Thanks for tagging me, Marisa! I love that you wrote "I sigh a lot" as one of the things you "say." And I think George is a lovely name!

    1. your welcome a lot of words in those sighs TY :)


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